Sunday Summary

  1. I made it into the Sony ebookstore finally.  So if you’ve been eagerly awaiting that location for availability, (or simply if you’d like something cheaply priced compared to all their agency 5 priced stock), now’s the time to go check it out.
  2. While I appreciate making it into new venues like Sony and the iBookstore, I do not appreciate the fact that Smashwords books seem to be treated like the redheaded stepchildren. On Sony my book is priced at $1.  Ergo, it ought to show up under Bargain Books.  It doesn’t.  On the iBookstore, it doesn’t even show UP under a genre search in Romance.  It isn’t rated in either of these places, and I have to wonder if anyone is even finding it without knowing to look for it due to factors such as these.
  3. I suppose it doesn’t matter too much as 96% of my sales are at Amazon. That doesn’t, of course, take into account anything I may have sold at Barnes and Noble, but my ranking there remains dismal, so I don’t imaging I’ve sold many to speak of.  This is definitely NOT helped by the drive-by 1 star rating with no review and the 1 star rating with horrible review that I received there, even though all the OTHER reviews are excellent and the one star one has been voted not useful.  I’ve got a thick skin.  I can totally deal with the fact that someone didn’t like my book (and obviously totally missed the POINT of my book and the genre).  But I admit that the low ratings are bugging me.  My ratings on Amazon and Smashwords are great.  I just wish I had more of them on Barnes and Noble to counterbalance the idiots uninformed.  If you read and reviewed Forsaken By Shadow somewhere else, I would be ever so grateful if you could copy the review and rating over to Barnes and Noble. One or two people have already done this.  THANK YOU!
  4. I’ve been getting to know my new hero this week. I put up a character sketch about Rab on Friday, in case you missed it.
  5. This morning I’m working on my heroine, Kayla, who isn’t nearly as communicative or fun, what with the having been tortured and all.
  6. Don’t forget about my Retake Homemade Revolution. This week I made a fantastic Thai Chicken Stir Fry.  Other great recipes are linked at the bottom.
  7. In totally personal news, we have bone fusion! Hubby’s doctor’s appointment gave us the first really GOOD news we’ve had in months.  The bone has finally filled in and he’s back in physical therapy for a month to strengthen up tendons so he’ll walk properly.  It’s been a looooooooong four months.  No more crutches!
  8. It’s a two cup morning…

2 thoughts on “Sunday Summary

  1. Mine finally got in the Sony store, too. I wrote a blog about the “unfindability” (I know it’s not a word) of my books in the Sony store. I hope they correct that somehow…. As much as Smashwords does to try to help indies, it’s a shame the books sent from there are treated that way.

    I’m so glad your husband’s bones are healing. I know he’s had a hard time.

  2. Oh my goodness, the Sony store is sooooo obnoxious. I own a Sony Reader (which I really enjoy), and I almost never shop there.

    I went to add my review. Coincidentally, it was just an impulse this morning and I didn’t find this post until I was looking for the word count to add to the review. Anyway, they make you go in through the software, which is not a hugely big deal, just a stupid inconvenience that will probably discourage reviews in general. I was especially annoyed since I don’t like that for library management and don’t use that either, so I had to go hunt for it to open it up. Anyway, couldn’t just paste in my review, so I had to type it all over again.

    And then the software claimed I needed to check my internet connection and lost the review. Checked other sites that worked fine, and tried again. Same thing happened. But when I went to click the link to notify me when other titles become available, that worked. So…my connection works fine for some things and just not leaving reviews. I hate error messages that put the blame on my stuff without entertaining the possibility that the suck is on their side.

    Grrr. I’m sorry this was such a rant. There’s so little space for product description on Smashwords (and consequently, their partners), that I’ve got a detailed review that I think is helpful to customers. And I just lost it twice.

    Such a complicated process, fraught with error, discourages with reviews, which discourages purchases, which is a loss of revenue for Sony, Smashwords, and the authors. I don’t understand it. /rant

    Dedicated readers, if you’re inclined to jump through the hoops, please persevere. Your favorite authors are really going to need your support over there. I’ll try again later.

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