Monday Blahs

I feel like I’ve come back from the edge of death this morning.  Not really death.  Just a Biggest Loser workout on my Wii that left me feeling like I had the stomach flu.  I couldn’t even keep down tea.  I did manage half a sleeve of saltines when I got to work and am starting to feel more like a human.

Today begins the big push to get lectures written.  Boss is out of town for two whole weeks and all my butt busting prior to her departure means I finished everything she thought I was going to be doing while she was gone. Not exactly a yay, but at least I’ll have the time to knock these out.   I may be a bit crazy by the time they’re done.  But then…they’ll be DONE.  Or at least written.  I’ll be camping out up here one weekend to get them all recorded.  Even though it kind of sucks at the moment, I will totally thank myself for doing all this work BEFORE the semester begins.

I’m supposed to start writing Edge of Shadow this week.  I will, perhaps, work up more enthusiasm later today once the Monday ick has worn off.  Mostly right now I just want to crawl back in bed.  I have pretty well decided that I’ll be starting with Kayla’s character sketch–which isn’t finished, but at least saves me from the fear of a blank page.

I’ve also been working on the blueprint for another project–YA and unrelated to my Mirus world.  I got a character name for her last night, which I mentioned to one writer friend and she told me I have weird character names.  :shrug:  I don’t like the plain, normal, or boring.  It doesn’t mean I’m gonna name my hypothetical kid Zephsudra (which was a serious consideration for one of my friends–thank God she had a girl), but I want character names that stand out, that people might remember.

My new little heroine’s name is Elodie Rose.  I even stunned Pot by coming up with internal character arc just before bed last night–BEFORE figuring out the action plot!  Maybe it was a sign that I am getting ill…  I really know very little about the actual plot of the story other than the basis for it.  There’s a curse I need to figure out the details of before I can get too far into things.  But it’s not on deck right now, so that’s the point of the blueprint.  To keep adding stuff as I think of it, letting the story knit itself together.  Ideally, I’ll have all the holes filled in and a pretty clear vision on where and how to write it by the time it rotates into the Go position.

One thought on “Monday Blahs

  1. Be careful on those workouts. You don’t want to make yourself sick by overdoing it right off the bat.

    You are such a busy little bee! 🙂 You have so many writing projects going while working full time. Wouldn’t it be nice if writing is all we had to do?

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