Freedom! The Lectures Are Written!

Hurrah!  Yesterday I finished writing the LAST of my lectures for learning and behavior.  WOO HOO!!!!!!!!  I wound up skipping 3 chapters in the book, which wound up fitting perfectly with the course schedule I wrote up this morning (yet another thing crossed off the list).  I still have approximately a zillion things to do in order to finish prepping the class, but with the exception of recording and editing the lectures, nothing else is very time consuming.  It’s just a matter of sitting down and DOING it.  So during the stretches where I have free time this week during the work day, I’ll be nibbling away at those things and enjoying the reinforcement of crossing lots of things off the list (I’m a Type A personality, sue me).  I’m giving myself evenings FREE because by God my brain deserves a BREAK!

In other news, I have been plowing through the blueprint for my as yet untitled short story that’s really more of a novelette (I had hoped it would be about 15k but it is shaping up to be about 20k).  Whatever, I’m still giving it away for free.  I’m hoping to finish all my planning and scene lists and details this week so that I can actually start writing next week.  I’m aiming for mid-September to finish, which should be possible if I start on the 1st and stick to 500 words a day.  Of course if I can manage more than 500 a day, that’s certainly preferable.  I’d like to keep pushing my daily limit (which will be easier now that hubby is back to taking over his chores and I’m nearly done with class prep).  Even with the 4-6 week delay, I think I should still be able to get Edge of Shadow out in December in time for the Christmas rush.  In the meantime, Mick’s story needs a title.  I got nothin’.

2 thoughts on “Freedom! The Lectures Are Written!

  1. Yay Kait!

    Titles are so hard for me. I agonize over them for weeks. I hope something just hits you out of the blue and says, “This is the title”. Sometimes, that’s how it works for me. LOL

    1. I agonized for MONTHS over Forsaken By Shadow. Revelation just seemed to be it from the beginning and Edge of Shadow came pretty quickly. But this one is being stubborn. We shall see.

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