The Great Catch Up

It is inevitable that no matter how much pre-trip work and prep you do, when you return from more than a day or two away from home (and work), there will be a lot of catching up to do.  Chores.  Laundry.  Messages.  Email.  Blog feeds.  And for me in particular, grading.  Student email.  Being caught up on intraoffice drama (as apparently quite a bit of it came to being in my absence).

I cannot express how glad I am that I took yesterday off to recover.  And yes, I’m feeling much better, no pinched nerve today.  Thanks for asking. 😀  I also got an opportunity to try out my latest Wii game, Gold’s Gym Cardio, which I ADORE.  It’s straight up boxing training, which is exactly what I wanted.  Much faster and more intense than either Wii Fit Plus or EA Sports Active.  And it arrived just in time to help me work off the 2 pounds I gained at Oktoberfest.  Woo!

I haven’t written since I got back, but I did take the time yesterday to read what I have of Red from the beginning.  Made a couple of tweaks and clarifications.  And I kind of love it.  I’m really really happy with how it’s going so far.  It’s always nice to come back to a project you haven’t seen in a while and find that it’s better than you remember.

I also did some brainstorming with the lovely Claire Legrand last night regarding Devil’s Eye.  The Devil’s Eye referred to in the title (thank you Maria Zannini) is, as it turns out, an artifact, not a spell.  So we’ve been playing around with that, figuring out what it is, what it does, why the bad guy wants it, why the heroine can’t give it to him, etc.  I have hopes of figuring the changes and details out so that I can FINISH THIS THING and release it by the end of November.

As I was going to bed last night, I had the kernel of a new Mirus story come to me on the heels of watching the most recent episode of Supernatural. Ah Dean, how I have missed you.  But I digress. The hero and heroine have a history.  He left with no explanation or shitty lies long time ago because he’s Mirus and she’s human and he was trying to protect her.   He’s being chased by a Big Bad, is wounded, bleeding, and teleports to the one place his enemy isn’t going to look for him. Her house. Because, of course, he’s been keeping tabs on her all these years, so he knows where that is. I’m not sure if she’s home at the time and opens the door to him all bloody and wounded or if he goes in and she finds him there when she gets home. But of course Big Bad catches up to them and they have to run–because now he’s really done it and endangered her like he tried to avoid. Which is, of course, all set up. And I have no idea what he is except that it’s something that can teleport. I’m thinking she’s a doctor who manages to patch him up (I think he goes there expecting to die). That’s as far as I got before I fell asleep.  So I’m toying with THAT.  No idea how it fits into the overall metaplot.  But whatever, it’ll come.

And now I need to get back to the grading I’ve been putting off.  Bleh.

Oh, and the winner of Joely’s early copy of Hurt Me So Good is Julie, who said “I work better under pressure as well. There’s just something about an impending deadline that makes me focus like nothing else…”

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