Productivity and Plotiness

So you know that comment I made on Monday about how I don’t have to be doing something productive every waking moment of every day?  That was followed by yesterday where, in addition to my evil day job and writing half a lecture, I went to the Post office; went to UPS; went to the grocery; repackaged bulk items into smaller packages; made a big batch of bread dough; baked a loaf; made chicken corn chowder (including making my own stock); made breakfast burritos for the rest of the week; made and bottled a gallon of tea; washed, dried, and put away 3 loads of clothes; made orange juice; wrote two Pots and Plots posts; and had a plot breakthrough in DE and my anthology story.

That was a lot, even for me.

I did not actually get much writing done yesterday, but that is totally okay because the plot detail I figured out was HUGE!  It’s a small enough thing in this story, figuring out who this person was that my hero lost years ago in this huge formative event that’s made him who he is.  BUT, that gave me the connection between this story and the anthology story, AND a way to make the anthology story give enough information about my world and the metaplot setup to be both interesting AND STILL SHORT (by which I mean 10k or less, which is our goal), and still leave room to follow the heroine and her hero in their own book down the line, should I be so moved.  I have most of a plot (the bare bones kind anyway) for that story now, and I am excited about my series again, which is a great thing.  I’ve been kind of dragging on it since the trouble started with Devil’s Eye.  So this is all good.

It’s so nice when my brain actually works.

Oh, and in case anybody wants to add it to their To Read Lists on Goodreads, I went ahead and put the listing for Devil’s Eye up.  I do have that pretty cover and all.  Seemed a shame not to do something with it.

3 thoughts on “Productivity and Plotiness

  1. Congrats on your plot breakthrough! I find that often my busiest non-writing days are the ones I get details about my story I never seem to get while actually focusing on it…almost like I need to *not* think about it to get what I need. Weird.

    Oh, and “plotiness” is such a fun word…

    Added Devil’s Eye to my “to read” list. 🙂

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