Reflecting on 2010

Ok, it’s New Year’s Eve.  Here’s where I go back and look at the resolutions/goals I made for 2010 and see how I did.

To review:

  • First on this list of goals is to finish the novella I started in 2009, tentatively titled Beyond Shadow and Flame. Did this.  It got retitled as Forsaken By Shadow and published it at the end of March.  As of this writing, I’ve sold over 2900 copies in nine months.
  • Second on this list is to write the second draft of Hunted in Shadow. Epic fail.  I declared this book DOA several months ago, but I am keeping the characters and hope to bring them back later on in the Mirus series.
  • Third, I’d like to plot out (and possibly write, depending on how long number 2 takes) a second novella. Did this.  That would be my latest release Devil’s Eye, which came out December 22nd.
  • Fourth, I’d like to develop another online class to teach for the 4 year university I work for and potentially overhaul my general psych class for another community college. I didn’t overhaul my general psych class, as I am totally getting away from community college teaching (they did ASK me, but I said no).  And I designed not one but 2 and a half (I am in the middle of the third) classes this year.
  • Fifth, on a craft front, I want to read John Truby’s The Anatomy of Story. Nope, didn’t get it done.  My big craft thing for the year was Story Structure by Larry Brooks.
  • Sixth, lets talk about productivity.  I don’t know how many words I wrote in 2009. But I made a spreadsheet to track my productivity in 2010.  I wrote approximately 104k words of fiction this year, keeping approximately 81k in whatever respective manuscript it was in (whether I wound up keeping the manuscript or not).  That’s a full length novel’s worth of words, despite all the disruptions to life.  I’m hoping for more in 2011.
  • I also had a goal about continuing my weight loss. I don’t know that I’ve really gone too far beyond what I lost last year, but I did maintain my 20 pound loss, so that’s a yay.  I’ve absolutely made exercise a regular part of my life.

And I already talked the other day about what else I had accomplished in 2010 that wasn’t on the list of goals.  All in all, I’d say it was a good and productive year, considering what I was working with.

Everybody have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve.  I have a Wii tournament to go win!

5 thoughts on “Reflecting on 2010

  1. Congrats on great progress this year, even with everything else going on in your life. Here’s to another productive (and hopefully lucrative) 2011!

    And good luck with the Wii tourney too. 😉

  2. It sounds like you did quite well, considering everything that happened this past year. I’m sure you’re going to accomplish many good things in 2011.

    Tonight, while bringing in the New Year with friends, I got a taste of the Wii. My friends, my husband, and I played three games. I want one!

  3. Sounds like a really successful year for you, Kait, especially with all you had to manage. Great way to end–almost 3,000 copies of FBS sold! That’s fantastic!

    Best wishes to you in 2011!


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