Contest Winner & #ROW80 Check-In

Because I don’t want to FORGET, the winner of my Blog Tour De Force gift pack is

:drumroll please:

Tara, who said “My first love taught me that it didn’t have to be forever after (I never thought it would be) to be real love. And that a valued friendship in a relationship goes a long way.”

Congratulations Tara, you’ve just won a free copy of Forsaken By Shadow, a 2011 UFC calendar, and a character named after you in my next Mirus novel!

And now for the ROW80 check in.

I’ve decided to modify my goal.  My original goal was to write 750 words a day.  Looking at my productivity last month, I wrote 21 days out of 31 at an average of 695 words per day.  Considering I was traveling for part of it, getting back into the swing of work, etc., I’m not unhappy with that.  I’m content with the 750 words a day, but I’m going to give myself the weekends off.  If I write then, great, but if I don’t, no big.  I just find it really hard to write on weekends.

  • Sunday: 365
  • Monday: 798
  • Tuesday: 938

Which averages out to 700 or so a day.  A little below where I want, but I’m okay with that.

I’ve been working on my anthology short story this week.  I’m on a deadline for that, so it’s what I have to focus on just now.  I’m a bit over halfway and hope to have it finished (first draft) by Monday.

As an addition to my goal, over the next week I’d like to get a finalized outline for this adaptation I’m doing of that partial novel I wrote last year. Nope.  Woke up in the middle of the night and did this.  It’s going to wind up another novella rather than a short story.

Wrote 21 days out of 31 at an average of 695 words per day

9 thoughts on “Contest Winner & #ROW80 Check-In

  1. Weekends off – good for you. I discovered if I take the time off, then I start finding reasons to take other days off and then…. So, working on writing every day and if I miss a day here or there, no biggie.

  2. I’ve been letting myself have days off too – I’m finding that I’m more eager to get back to writing once I’ve had a couple of days off because I tend to mull over things in the meantime.

  3. Did Susan teach you how to read my mind? I was just talking to my wife about taking weekends off to have more time to spend with her and give my brain a rest. I think it’s an awesome idea, especially with the multiple projects (Besides writing) you’re always working on.

  4. Great update -you are rolling right along – it’s lovely to hear about successess like this! I enjoy checking in with your blog, and will have to find a way to start e-reading – I like the sound of your work :-).

    Keep up the good work, it’s fun to read such up-beat posts!

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