Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. We’ll just get the ROW80 stuff out of the way first.  I haven’t done diddly for reasons you all already know if you’ve been reading my blog the last week.  I hope/anticipate that this will change next week as I get back into a routine.
  2. Yesterday I took strides to take my house back from the mess! Wound up cleaning out under the guest room bed, finding a home for all the new records, packing the displaced fabric up to go in the attic, cleaned out my sock drawer to get rid of holey socks, and cleaned out the tupperware cabinet.  And of course cleaned my kitchen between more gluten free baking and prep for the week.
  3. I’ve tweaked the GF pizza dough recipe from Healthy Bread In 5 Minutes a Day.  As it was, it was good, but I needed to muck around with it to make it taste more like MY pizza dough.  Given how much pizza we inhaled for dinner last night, it was a great success.  Next experiment, GF banana bread.
  4. We’ve finally sold the old fridge, so we’ve just been waiting on the rain to stop so that the buyer can bring her people and come get it. Once that is out of my dining room, my house is going to feel a LOT BIGGER.
  5. Hubs and I are in house lust with a house we finally went and looked at yesterday. I’d fallen in love with it several months ago but drove by and thought the yard was too small.  Turns out it’s not.  The reason it’s still on the market is that their master bath redo is wholly unimpressive (and would definitely go on the list of things we’d want to have done at some point) and they broke the home sales rule by doing all kinds of funky paint in the bedroom.  We came home and made a list of all the things that would have to be done and assigned them to phases, with immediate priority going to fencing the yard for the dogs and 86ing the funky paint in the master suite.  The kitchen is freaking AWESOME, so we’re willing to live with a less than stellar-looking (but still wholly functional) master bath for a few years until we can afford to have it gutted and professionally redone (it screams amateur).  Anyway obviously we have to do the relevant stuff like apply for loans, make an offer, home inspection, etc.  But it’s lit a fire under our butts to get all the relevant stuff done to our house so that it will sell.  We stuck with easy this weekend–changing out the back door knob to match the finish of the front.  Next weekend is the grand closet clean out.  We’re going to go ahead and pack anything that can go into storage, and then get a small one to truly declutter this place.  Since purchase of a new home is totally contingent on selling this one, we’re in kind of a hurry now to do all the stuff we’ve been dragging our feet on.  We’re going to look at a few more things on Thursday just for comparison, but we’re pretty sure we want this one.
  6. Yesterday I worked out–REALLY worked out–for the first time in almost two weeks. Whole routine of 30 minutes on the bike and a full boxing workout.  I’m feeling it today in a totally great way–you know, you you’re stiff after a workout and you streeeeeeeetch and it feels so good?  After I finish my tea, I’m going to do another quick workout before we go up to see my grandmother for the day.
  7. Sales on Devil’s Eye continue at a steady pace, but they’ve dropped a bit on Forsaken By Shadow. This is not wholly surprising as FBS is going to have it’s 1 year birthday this month.  I’ve been trying to think about things I could do to promote it that I haven’t already done.  The obvious answer would be to get active on Kindleboards, Mobile Reads, and the Nook forum, but all of that takes time to do right (meaning, not just getting on and doing a driveby ad for your book, which is totally considered rude), and right now I just don’t have a lot of that.  I might just put it on sale again for the month.
  8. I am looking for inspiration on what to do to manage my cooking magazines. I take about 4 and have recipes flagged in all of them.  Oh, well duh, Pot did get me the world’s most awesome cooking software.  I guess I should slowly start entering them in that.  But then what?  I hate to THROW THEM AWAY.  Someone might could use them!  Maybe I’ll donate them to the local library.  I don’t know that they normally have cooking magazines but…well, it’s better than adding them to the library, and someone might enjoy them.  If anybody has alternative suggestions, feel free to offer them.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. well you obviouslydon’t have time to write a cookery book!! – it’s what I want to do – a cook book for myself – all favourite receipes, ingrediants, alternate ideas etc. So that when family says, just before hunger caves us all in, and when I’m in the throes of creating, I can say ‘oh I have a red pepper and some fresh air in the fridge’ so on page 20 it says I can cook this!!! Of course we all have time to create our own cookbooks – happy home creating

  2. I take all recipes I want out of my cooking magazines and then pass them on to someone at work, who does the same. I’m assuming the mags eventually end up at the county incinerator but I’m hoping they’ve already fallen apart from so many uses by then. 🙂

    Good luck with the house!

    1. Oh, by “take” I simply mean I write them down or scan them onto the computer. I don’t cut them out or anything. Thought I should clarify. 😉

  3. Sounds like you’ve been busy. The library would be more than happy to take your old cookbooks magazines. I’m sure somebody will have fun looking through them.

  4. Re: cooking magazines

    I snip the recipes I like and put them into a giant binder inside clear plastic sleeves. Works great. I divide it between main courses, appetizers, and sweets.

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