Sunday Summary

  1. It is the end of the week here at Casa Nolan and we are WIPED OUT. Of course I’ve been working all week on getting the house in shape to show and sell (even though they’ve been showing it since Thursday).  Hubs couldn’t do much to help because he was on 12 hour shifts all week.  But yesterday was the big Moving Of Extraneous Furniture To Storage Day, along with continuing to finish interior touch up painting, repainting interior doors, having the old, dead lawnmowers hauled off (yes plural, we had 2, an ancient and tiny riding mower and a push mower), and emptying out hubby’s office of stuff that could go to storage.  The house feels naked to me now.
  2. Today is all about the outside. The taming of the yard, fixing a few small things, outside touch up paint, blowing out the garage, etc.  THEN, I think we’ll be in a position to SLOW THE HECK DOWN and just maintain the clean.  Which will be good because I think all the stress has given me a twitch.
  3. Last night we attended our first roller derby bout. Two of our friends were playing.  It took me into the second period to figure out what was going on, but it was a lot of fun and definitely something different to do.  I’m thinking it will make a good analogy for publishing, so that post is coming at some point.
  4. Round 2 of A Round of Words in 80 Days begins TOMORROW. I had intended to get this last scene of Act 1 in Red finished before then, but with all the house stuff, it hasn’t happened.  Whatever.  I SHOULD be in better shape to start doing some daily writing after today.  Who knows?  I might even get all the recipes I’ve jotted down into shape for Pots and Plots.  Hope springs eternal.
  5. City of Fallen Angels, the fourth Mortal Instruments book comes out on Tuesday. I preordered it and Amazon informs me that it has already shipped.  I’m going to HAVE to set it up as a reward for doing my daily words, otherwise, I shall get NOTHING ACCOMPLISHED until it’s finished!
  6. I’m going to tear myself away now because I am dreaming of building window boxes for the new place and there’s work to do.

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