Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. In the name of practicality, old fleeces + good sewing scissors = a big pile of washable Swiffer cloths. I’m just sayin’.  Might as well reuse what you can given that real Swiffer cloths now cost the earth.
  2. We finished the yard in an hour and a half this morning instead of last weekend’s three hours. I think so long as we maintain, what we’ve got, it’s not so bad.
  3. I’m FINALLY getting back on the bandwagon with Pots and Plots. I’ve got two weeks worth of post scheduled now, and hope to keep up again, with a regular posting 3 times a week.  I’m actually considering doing a weekly guest post feature there where fellow writers share a recipe.  I’ve got a big audience over there, so it might be a different kind of venue and a means for you to reach peeps you wouldn’t reach here.  You could share a recipe, then do a little blurby bio listing what you write, etc.  Anybody interested?
  4. We went to see Sucker Punch this afternoon. Hubby thought it was awful in an “I’ll never get those two hours of my life back” kind of way.  I am…undecided.  It’s not what I was expecting.  At least not totally.  I knew it would be a story within a story because they’re creating their own reality to survive the intolerable reality of the mental hospital.  But it was really more of a story within a story within a story.  Which got confusing at times.  The acting was good.  The concept was good.  Visually, it was amazing.  But something was lacking for me in execution.  And I certainly didn’t like the end at all.  But I didn’t hate it like he did.  I still have no idea why it’s called Sucker Punch.
  5. On the ROW80 front, it’s been hit and miss since the last check in. Wednesday: 973, Thursday: 154, nothing Friday or Saturday, and today 849 (though I’m not done yet).  That averages out to 448 words a day this week, 627 on the days I did write.  It’s been a bit difficult to juggle because I have very specific time slot during which I can write, and this week a lot of that has been taken up with house showings, getting READY for house showings, and other stuff.  But I’m not STUCK, which is the important thing.  Right now it’s just about literally finding the time.  

7 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. 1. Good idea for the Swiffer cloths. Yes, they do cost the earth and the generic ones suck, so why not make washable?
    2. I’ve got a great stuffed mushroom recipe to share, so I’ll take a slot on your other blog if you’re offering.
    3. I felt the same about Sucker Punch. I really liked the way it looked and I think that made it easier for me to accept that the story didn’t really make sense. I was mostly annoyed by the fact that we never see Babydoll actually dance. WTF? I suppose then they would have had to call it Striptease.
    4. Good job fitting in writing time when you can. Selling a house is stressful!

  2. Well, you know how I feel about Sucker Punch now. *shakes head* The two most supremely irritating aspects of it are 1) it’s touted as this cinematic bastion of feminine empowerment when it’s…not; and 2) with a better execution, it COULD have been that.

    But, regarding more positive things, congrats on making steady progress on Red, even with all the house-related crazy going on. *applauds*

    Also, if I ever get up the guts to start cooking and experimenting, I’d love to contribute guest recipes to Pots and Plots! But that’s getting a little ahead of myself since my current definition of “cooking” is popping something in the microwave…

  3. I adored Sucker Punch. I’ve talked about why over on Zoe’s blog and (if you don’t mind the plug Kait?) here ( ).

    I do believe they called it Sucker Punch because it’s quite literally a Sucker Punch to the audience.

    I think you’ve still done great with your Row80 progress Kait!

  4. I think you’re doing a great job at writing considering what’s going on with the house.

    Hubby and I have to be picky about movies since we can’t really afford to go to all the ones we want to. We’re kind of waiting on “Thor”. LOL

  5. I think the reason why it’s called Sucker Punch is that they suckered us out of our money. I understood the concept but I don’t like how they did it. They could’ve done better.

  6. Kait, I am coming out on your blog:
    I am going to start cooking again. Which is terrifying.
    Good cookbook, farmer’s market, slow and simple. Baby steps! So Pots & Plots is coming at a good time.
    Also, I’ve heard more bad things than good about Sucker Punch. I think we’ve decided to skip in favor of Hanna. That looks good- hope it doesn’t disappoint. I’m happy with this trend in strong female characters, but not if the movie sucks.

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