A Late Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. First off, if you haven’t read my post or seen the news about fellow writer Cher Tracy, please read hereAs you can see in our progress meter, we’ve ALMOST MADE IT.  Please spread the word and help us keep a roof over their heads!
  2. Today was Day 3 of New U (apparently this is how it’s spelled, not Nu You…I knew SOMETHING was spelled funny) Yoga and Pilates on Wii.  So far I REALLY like it.  I got my balance board back today, so tomorrow we’ll see how that integrates.  I seem to burn just as many calories doing the 25 minute yoga routine as I do boxing (almost), and I DEFINITELY feel the burn when I do it.  Serious toning of full body.  However, I have to say that I’m an epic fail on meditation.  Today’s workout finished with a ten minute one, and after five, I was about to crawl out of my skin, wholly unable to concentrate for the noise from the dishwasher, the fan, and the shower.  Clearly that’ll be something better to do when nobody else is HOME.
  3. Tomorrow I’m going to TRY to get up early, do yoga and write before work.  We’ll see how that goes.  The whole concept of Dark and Early is really sort of horrible to me.  But the point is to try to get some words in before my brain gets cluttered with other stuff.  I’m going to try to shift my bike workout to after work.  Maybe between breakfast and lunch I can get my words in.  It’s worth a try for a week.  Because this week did not go so well.
  4. Wednesday; Nada.  Thursday: Nada.  Friday: 227.  Saturday: 546.  Sunday: 501.  Obviously the weekend went better.  And that was starting the day with words, hence the Dark and Early attempts.  Of course, there’s a big difference between 8 in the morning and 5:45…
  5. Today’s been one of those days where someone should have just put me down for a nap because I was like a cranky, underslept, overtired two year old.  No lie.  Everything I touched spilled, sloshed, dropped, crashed, broke, or otherwise failed.  The icing on the cake was when we got home tonight and I was bumping the car door shut.  The top flew off the Corningware casserole dish on the top of the pile I was carrying and hit the driveway, shattering all under my car.  Because slivers of glass all under my tires was the perfect end to my day.  We managed to get the glass up without popping a tire, thank God.
  6. On the house front, after the home inspection last week, we made our list of requested repairs.  The sellers came back with an offer for no repairs and $500 toward closing costs.  We laughed and withdrew our offer.  They came back by the end of the week in a panic, asking if they did everything, would we reconsider.  See, despite all the showings, we were their only offer, and they apparently thought we were idiots.  Who’s laughing now?  We decided the best thing to do at this point is to just wait until we have a contract on our house, and re-evaluate then.  It takes the pressure off because once we have a contract, we don’t have to worry about contingencies or whatever.  So…we’re in a holding pattern now.  And the real estate season here is just about to open, which means a bigger selection for us to choose from for our next house.

3 thoughts on “A Late Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. Hey, #6 is really good news. I bet you would make a fantastic poker player! I live in a college town too, and May is like musical houses around here. I bet you’ll get an offer soon.

    1. Oh I am really really REALLY bad at poker… 😀 Of course it doesn’t help that I need a list of what makes what and what beats what. I’m more a gin rummy kinda girl…

  2. For some reason, I didn’t catch in your last post that New U was for the Wii. If you’re really liking it, I might try that, too.

    You know, sometimes you just have to laugh at life and go on. Because you KNOW life is laughing at you. LOL

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