The Dark and Early Report: Day 3 And a #ROW80 Update

So yesterday wasn’t too bad.  Boss did NOT decide we had to work in the car, which made things much more pleasant.  And I got Greek food for lunch, which is always awesome.  And hibatchi for dinner with hubs for our anniversary, which was amazing as usual.  SO not getting on the scale for a few days.

So the dark and early thing…well of course I got nothing written yesterday.  Didn’t expect to since I had to leave for work early and got home late.  BUT, I did manage 1025 words on Monday, which is just over double my current goal of 500 words a day, so yesterday was covered.  So far, I’ve gotten 117 words this morning during my writing block.  I had time for more, but I realized that when I sat down and wrote my 3 purposes of the scene, most of them were of the imparting information variety rather than the advance the action of the plot variety.  Which is not very interesting.  So I’ve got to give some thought this morning to how to do that, which will give me something to write ABOUT when I sit down at lunch.  I’m really bad about that.  Thinking about the information I want revealed and not giving enough thought to the how I can do that in an active and interesting way.

I do have to say, I like starting my day with yoga.  New U is one of those programs that pays attention to your performance and adjusts accordingly.  Since I’m not a yoga novice, it’s been ratcheting up my program regularly.  Because I’m getting into the more advanced classes, it means it’s been adding more moves, which makes the class longer.  Even the Quick Class is around 30-35 minutes and burns in the neighborhood of 200 calories.  So I’ve decided to stick to the quick class during the week and forgo a morning meditation.  Doing something that relaxes me such that I want to go back to sleep is really not helping me any.  Plus I figured out that if I fix hubby’s lunch the night before, all I have to make in the morning is a sandwich, which means I can sleep until 6 and still be done with my shower and fixing breakfast by 7, leaving an hour of writing time.  I can do the full class on the weekends and meditation after work, which is when I’m more apt to need it.  I’m definitely feeling changes in my body, seeing an increase in strength and endurance and starting to tone, which is good, as toning and strength training is something I haven’t done enough of in the last few years.

The only real problem with this new schedule is that I really interrupt hubby’s routine because I’m in the way.  When I do Warrior 3, I’m pretty well taking up all the floor space in the living room from the TV back to the sofa (yeah, it’s that small), which means he can’t walk around me to finish HIS routine.  Sometime last year, I think when I got The Biggest Loser for Wii (which I didn’t like as it expected you to have pockets in your workout shorts to hold the wiimote, and I do not OWN workout shorts with pockets, so the thing never read right and nothing sucks more than working your ass off at 6 in the morning and Jillian not giving you credit), which also meant I was in the way when he was trying to do his morning routine, we talked about moving the Wii to my office (where the other TV is).  We ordered the sensor bar and the other necessary cables and, for some reason, never ordered the power supply and didn’t feel like tearing apart our ridiculous, multi-component entertainment system to get to the existing one.  So this morning I ordered a new one.  Hopefully by this weekend, we can get it set up in my office, which will make us BOTH much happier, I think.

2 thoughts on “The Dark and Early Report: Day 3 And a #ROW80 Update

  1. I’ve been keeping up with your posts to see if you’re continuing to like New U. I think I’ll go ahead and order it.

    I like reading about what you’re doing because it inspires me to do more. I’m doing okay in the writing area, but not so well with exercising. I walked yesterday, but my feet starting hurting. I can’t wait to get the New U.

    I know you’re feeling so much better after staring this routine. You and hubby will get things worked out to the satisfaction of both of you.

    1. There are things I don’t like about it. Like during sun salutations the instructor doesn’t say relevant stuff like “left foot back” or “lunge forward with your right leg”, so until I just LEARN the sequence, I wind up doing some stuff technically wrong because for 90 % of it, I’m looking at the floor, not up at the TV. That’s kind of annoying.

      But I’m really digging the flexibility and the fact that it adjusts to up the challenge based on your performance. I’m really bad about getting kind of stuck in an exercise rut, which then gets me to the point where my body is really efficient at that movement and I lose the major burn.

      I was also psyched to see it has a whole post natal workout program, which will be relevant since we’re talking about having kids next year.

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