#ROW80 and G.I.T. Update

So this Dark and Early thing mostly seems to be working.  :is shocked:  Monday and Tuesday I actually got in more than my minimum JUST AT BREAKFAST, then added to that later in the day.  YEEHA.  Sunday was not a good word day.  13.  I think I wrote one sentence.  I don’t really remember Sunday, so I don’t know why there was only the 13.  I think Sawyer was being a butt and wouldn’t talk.  Probably.  Seems logical anyway.  But Monday I got 806, Tuesday 957.  This morning I only got a bit over 300 in my breakfast writing session, but I am in the middle of my first pinch point (see Story Engineering), so I’m being careful with it, trying to build the tension.  Mostly I need a higher level of consciousness to do that than I have prior to a big ass cuppa tea.  So anyway, YAY on the writing front.  If I have a whole week like this, I might ratchet my goals back up to their original level.

It is also becoming apparent as I move forward on Red that it’s probably gonna be longer than the originally anticipated 75k.  How much longer…erm….I don’t know.  But I like seeing my little progress meter at like 42%, so I’m leaving it set at a 75k word goal and we’ll see how it shakes out when it’s done.

On the G.I.T. front, I have been flirting with the threshold of that next tens down.  Just above.  Just below.  Just above.  Just below.  I have been just below for 2 days running so far, so I’m hoping that’s actual loss and not just water weight.  Considering I ate out five times last week (a total freak week and not normal) being below at all is AWESOME.  This week I have been a GOOD GIRL.  I’ve been doing my yoga and my lunch workout, plus other short workouts as I can fit them in (walking with co-worker, using my mini-stepper that lives under my desk at work, etc.).  AND I’ve fit within my calorie budget.  After using about half a dozen online calculators and crap, I figured out that if I can maintain my calorie budget and keep up my workouts, I should theoretically lose a pound every 4-5 days.  Which would be friggin’ awesome, as that would put me a long darn way toward my goal by the end of May, which would make me FEEL so much better.

Yoga has been going well.  At least until the crane pose incident yesterday.  The yoga instructor assassin threw that one at me again this morning, but I figured out how to skip it.  Today was the first day I did New U and did some stuff I didn’t get credit for (always a frustrating prospect with a Wii game).  Mostly this game really efficiently measures my actual movement and effort but the pilates 100 was an epic fail.  I did the whole thing and it only gave me credit for half.  Worked yesterday though, so I don’t know what that’s about.  Either way, I’m steadily burning close to 200 calories with every workout on it, and I’m ABSOLUTELY building muscle and endurance.  Downward dog (always a hard one for me) is getting easier.  My body is starting to tighten and tone up, and I am actually starting to see some definition in my arms again.  What a concept!  I’m in such a weird position with this game.  Because of my monster feet and crazy strong legs, I can do all this incredibly advanced stuff that depends on lower body strength and balance.  But then when it comes to the advanced upper body stuff, I have noodle arms.  And of course, this thing isn’t perfect.  It throws things like crab pose at me, which I can’t actually do properly and wind up essentially standing on my head rather than being able to hold up with my arms.  So the game gives me credit for perfect balance because it can’t measure that…then it throws more stuff at me like crane pose.  Not ideal.  But we’re making it work.

15 thoughts on “#ROW80 and G.I.T. Update

  1. Wow. I feel like I burned 15 cal. just reading your post!! 🙂 My W.I.P. was intended to be a long story/short novella. My flow chart exercise revealed about 10 scenes I didn’t realize needed writing, so I think I understand how you feel about Red!
    Very motivating – not to mention informative! – post – I hope that I can put all the secondhand-energy to good writing use.

    you are certainly, certainly rocking 🙂

  2. This New U thing sounds cool. I do the EA Active 2 but would like something like Yoga to start my dy with too. I’ll have to search the web a bit for it.

    Writing early is a great feeling and a big pat on the back to you for sticking with it.

    1. I liked EA2 but it really requires more floor space than I usually have, so it’s one that’s mostly been set on the backburner until we move to a larger place.

  3. My wife is the same way. Legs that could bend steel, but arms? Not so much. Why is that?

    I knew you’d best the yoga assassin. He didn’t know who he was dealing with.

    And Red being longer than expected? Cool. I’m down for a thick Nolan book. That means more action. Which reminds me, where’s Mick?

  4. Yay! Glad your Dark and Early experiment is working! I always *think* about doing that but inevitably hit the snooze button. Sigh.

    Good luck with your G.I.T.! Sounds like you’re kicking butt over there! 😀

    1. You know, I would totally hit the snooze button, but I have one of those sunrise alarm clocks, so the top is a light and there’s no slapping it or I’ll break something! I think there IS a snooze, but I’m blind as a bat, so in order to find it, I already have to get not comfy and roll over and pick up the clock and squint to try to see it, at which point, I might as well get up!

  5. I tried Pilates once. Got stuck in a ball and had to have my daughter help me out of it, which took some time as she was laughing hysterically at her chubby-bunny mom rolled into a balla nd thrashing around on the floor. I gave away the workout DVD to a friend and resolved that my spring-summer-fall gardening & assorted activities would have to suffice. Safer that way…hard to type on the computer when you’re rolled into a ball on the floor, yanno?

    Glad you’re doing well. 😉

    1. I definitely prefer pilates in a class with a live instructor who can say “no no, do it like THIS”. I definitely stick mostly to the yoga side of New U.

  6. Well, SOMEONE’S rocking life, and I think that SOMEONE is YOU. Well done on that word count and on those burned calories! 😀

  7. I simply have to say – I really enjoy receiving your emails! I feel like I have a new friend, either that or I am watching my favorite serial and so involved in the characters that I have to know what is going to happen next. I am truly amazed at how gifted you are and appreciate your efforts and sharing with us. Some days I feel like everything I do is like attempting the crane position – so I wish you well and that you have a wonderful day and crane on sista crane on.

    1. Hahaha! I just had this totally delightful image of my life as a telenovela with lots of dramatic music and bad Spanish dubbing… I think that made my afternoon. :giggle:

      Crane on. This should become a thing. I decree it to be so! Crane on!

  8. Congrats on the word counts. It sounds like you’re getting into a routine that’s working.

    I hate downward dog, so maybe it will get easier for me, too. I have a yoga dvd that I abandoned a long time ago because it was way too hard for me.

    My New U should be coming any day now. So are some of these poses done on the balance board and some of them not? Or are they all on it? I’m dreading looking forward to trying it out when it comes.

    1. Some use the wiimote, some the balance board, some both. You do not HAVE to use the balance board, though I think that does limit the breadth of exercises it can/will throw at you.

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