5/18 #ROW80 and G.I.T. Check-In

Crazy busy at the Evil Day Job today, so this one’s gonna be a quickie.

Regarding #ROW80.  I didn’t write on Sunday.  I went to see Thor (which I really enjoyed and which MUST have a sequel that resolves the romantic plotline to my satisfaction because, dude, COME ON, you CAN’T leave me hanging like that).  Chris Helmsworth makes a marvelous viking.  As for the rest of this week so far? I am kicking word count butt.  Monday: 2181.  Tuesday: 2150.  A WHOLE FREAKING SCENE EACH OF THOSE DAYS.  :does happy dance:

What I have learned today is that it’s really hard to shift gears from the fun kissy stuff to to the angry, how dare you take my mate, trying to control the wolf stuff, which is where I am today.  So D and E did NOT start off so auspiciously this morning.  But that is OKAY.  I have still made kick ass progress, for which I am very grateful.

On the G.I.T. front, I’ve shifted things around a bit to do bike and boxing in the morning and yoga in the evenings after work.  Although I skipped it yesterday to finish the kissing scene, because, duh.  I mean, really, I had to get through the drama of the “Get your hands off my daughter” and the gun…  Elodie’s dad is kind of unbalanced right now.  I couldn’t just LEAVE them there.  Anyway, holding steady with 3 pounds down and starting to feel more toned, which is awesome.

Back to work!

8 thoughts on “5/18 #ROW80 and G.I.T. Check-In

  1. Maybe they’ll finish the romance part of the Thor story in The Avengers, although I kind of doubt it since Natalie Portman wasn’t listed as one of the actors. Maybe there will actually be a Thor sequel if people demand it.

    Congratulations on your writing and G.I.T. accomplishments! Go you!

  2. Great job oh mighty Shiznit. Your are an example to us all.

    And in other news, Thor has already grossed over 350 million worldwide. More than double it’s budget, which should cover the advertising costs too. They’re definitely in the plus column, so I’d say a sequel is a lock.

  3. You are kickin’ butt with the word count. Keep it up. Drat, those darn day jobs. My zumba instructor jogs like snoopy. The clip brought a smile to my face.

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