What Superpower Would YOU Pick?

Hubs and I went to see the latest Xmen movie over the weekend.  Which of course got us into the mode for watching the original trilogy, which we’ve been doing ever since.  Massive list of contradictions aside (evidently the new movie must take place in one of those Super String Theory alternate universe timelines that Marvel uses to explain the new artists’ visions in the comics because otherwise the director clearly didn’t actually WATCH the movies that came before), I love this franchise.  I was a huge fan of the Xmen cartoons as a kid.  Wolverine and Gambit are my faves.

I love the whole idea of mutants and super powers.  What kid doesn’t identify with that?  What kid didn’t, at some point, feel like a total freak among her peers?  I think that’s part of why I so adore reading and writing the paranormal, particularly YA.  Because it’s such a common genre trope and it always strikes a chord in me.

When Susan decided a few years ago to create the world of the Talents I was PSYCHED.  It’s like Xmen meets Smallville (the good seasons before the Clana years).  Superheroes and romance?  Dude, I am THERE!  I think I spent almost as much time playing with her braindolls as she did!  And then at last she began the Talent Chronicles (starting with Hush Money–it’s awesome, read it) and I, in my role of crit partner extraordinaire, got to help map out fight scenes (since it’s kinda my thang).  OMG WHAT FUN.  I get to play with all these different characters with different powers and figure out how that will play out in a fight!  Which of course leads to the inevitable question:

What superpower would I want?

Naturally this came up again with all the Xmen viewing this week.  Teleportation has always been very high on my list.  Getting to skip traffic.  The idea that I could live ANYWHERE and work ANYWHERE because I could just BLIP from one location to the next.  I’d totally be living in Scotland right now.  Want some fro-yo?  BLIP, I’m there and back before anybody knows I’m gone.  Wanna visit that friend who lives on the other side of the country?  BOOM.  Done!  Imagine what you’d save on gas and airfare!  I could actually afford to take COOL vacations!

These days, however, I’ve been a lot more focused on the idea of being able to manipulate time.  Not in a Piper Halliwell kind of way.  More like a Harry Potter Time Turner kind of way.  Do you have ANY IDEA how much stuff I could get DONE with one of those?  I could give myself a TWO HOUR NAP EVERY DAY.  I could SLEEP a full ten hours a night!  Get in a complete workout in the morning before work.  Put an actual DENT in my TBR pile.  FINISH writing my books that much faster.  Duuuuuuude.  I WANT.

Sigh.  Alas I am only human.

What kind of superpower would YOU want?  Inquiring minds want to know.

10 thoughts on “What Superpower Would YOU Pick?

  1. I think my two main choices would be either flight, or the ability to hurl fire and lightning around. Then again, those are kind of run-of-the-mill super powers; everyone wishes for those.
    If I were going for a more unique approach, I would want to have the ability of Time-Storage. This would enable me to somehow save up all those pockets of time where I don’t have anything pressing to do, but also don’t have the energy to do anything productive. That way, when I got close to an assignment deadline, I’d be able to whip out a spare hour or two and use that to ensure that I got my work done. Either that or save it for when I want to do some writing but don’t have time because of other committments.

  2. I love the Xmen movies! I want to see the newest one, and I don’t think I’ll be too disturbed if there are inconsistencies. After all, I was very forgiving of the Star Trek sequel that changed everything about the history of the original story. LOL

    I think I agree with you about the teleportation power. I’ve always said I wish I could just say “Beam me up, Scotty”.

  3. I would take teleportation, I could spend more time doing the things I love and only have to leave 5 minutes before I have to be anywhere. (I like arriving early)

  4. I think having a Time Reversal power, similar to the knife in Prince of Persia would be awesome. That way you could test out options without winning an all-encompassing Darwin Award. Another would be total wind control, the wind controls most of the weather, includes flight (and the ability to blow away, gently or not, pesky birds that want to make friends while cruising the skies for a late Parisian dinner). Can market the wind control as “tornado removal services”.

    Fun post Kait, thanks 🙂

  5. I LOVE the X-Men movies! I keep hearing bad things about First Class but I’ll be seeing it anyway. The only superpower I would want would have something to do with time. Freezing time, stretching time…not sure I’d want to go back in time because that could get complicated but anything that gives me MORE time would be great. I would like a functional superpower please.

  6. X-men! How beautiful was Michael Fassbender? Aside from the fact that he had a German, French, English, American AND Irish accent while playing the same character, he was absolutely wonderful. Lovelovelove.

    I’ll tell you what superpower I wouldn’t want – stupid Dragonfly lady. How lame would that be? Sure, she can fly, but an oversized fly swatter would do her in. I’m with you on the teleportation thing. I also think it’d be really cool if you could have a power that I think was in Heroes, where the chick would just touch a book and she’d have ALL THAT INFORMATION in her brain. I mean, it would suck if it spoiled a good novel for you. Maybe you’d have to want to know what was in the book, but imagine just touching an encyclopaedia and you’d know everything. No more research!

  7. Hmmm…not to be all serious, but I’d love to have healing powers. Headache? Gone. Friend gets bad results from the doc? No worries. I got it covered.

    Also, Gene made me want to go play Prince of Persia again. So, that having more time power would be handy, too.

  8. I’m with you on the teleportation. Though, telepathy has always seemed cool, too. (As long as it’s controlled.) No cell phone bills needed, and it would have made note-passing in class obsolete.

    On the other hand, these days I wouldn’t say no to a superpower that let me be fully rested on 6 hours sleep, either.

  9. I’ve had many discussions about superpowers over the years, and it has been concluded that I actually have one – the ability to get free food. Somehow, I manage to get 2-3 free meals a week, without trying.

    If I had to trade it for a more traditional one, I think I’d go for teleportation. I could definitely use the extra 20 minutes of sleep every morning!

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