Gluten Free Friday: Sandwich Bread

I’m really really late getting this up.  My apologies.  I plumb fergot, as the sayin’ goes.

Today is another of those days where I’m highlighting someone else’s awesome gluten free recipe that makes life gluten free SO MUCH MORE BEARABLE.  This one is for sandwich bread and comes from Gluten Free Cooking School and gets two thumbs up from hubby.  It tastes like real bread even to this wheat bread addict.  I will warn that it’s a bit dry after the first day, so you’ll want plenty of your favorite condiment.  But straight out of the oven…heaven.

My one complaint–and I have this same complaint when I’m making regular wheat sandwich bread–I wish the loaf were taller.  I always feel like I’m eating half a sandwich.  I’d love if they made narrower loaf pans so that they came out proportioned more like commercial loaves.  In any event, I’ve tried both water and club soda in this (another friend tried that) but I didn’t really notice a difference.  Either way, it hits the spot.

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