The Dreaded Meh

Well it’s official.  I have hit the Meh on Red.  Despite having a plot, I am still in the Dreaded Valley of the Shadow of the Middle.  I’ve been staring at this scene I need to write for an hour and a half and getting exactly NO WHERE.  I’m not sure if that’s because I’m wholly out of my groove from having written very little and not being at all in the book this week due to Evil Day Job travels or because I’m going in a wrong direction.

I’m just…meh.

It’s not that I’m not in the mood to write…I’m just not in the mood to write THIS.  It’s a nasty case of Sexy Next Book, I think.  I’ve made my notes and such and tried to get back to Red but my brain is playing ADD and wants to play with something EEEEEEEELSE.

Bad brain.

After my last 4 projects being short (Forsaken By Shadow was about 37k, Devil’s Eye was about 29k, what I have of Riven is about 21k, Blindsight is now just over 8k), I think my attention span for longer work is…sketchy.  Red is longer than all 4 of those combined (or will be when I’m finished).  I am ready for some RESOLUTION.   And, frankly, I’m itching for a fight scene.  I think maybe that’s part of my problem with this stretch.  It feels like nothing’s happening.  Stuff is happening but not of the blow stuff up or beat the crap out of somebody variety (which, after 5 straight days with my boss, is apparently what I REALLY want to write right now).  I guess maybe I could jump ahead to the pinch point when our bad guy is revealed.

Usually when I get stuck like this, I’ll go back and do a full read-through.  But I really need to read Heroes Til Curfew for Susan this weekend (yes, that’s right, she’s NEARLY FINISHED–working on the final couple of scenes–I’m getting a jump on the first 95k or so), and Red is so long, that will take most of a day.  So…not sure what I’m going to do.  For now…yoga and then I guess we’ll see.

10 thoughts on “The Dreaded Meh

    1. That’s like..I can’t think of a good analogy to indicate the eye twitch that would cause. 😀 I’m a very very linear writer. I pretty well NEVER write out of order.

        1. I don’t like writing out of order either, but what you could do is just make yourself a note with the important bits of dialogue or something.

  1. I think most of us go through this stage. Sometimes you just have to put it down for a couple of days. You were going so full speed ahead there for awhile, it was inevitable that there would be a slowing down period. You’ll get over this “meh” stage.

  2. And, frankly, I’m itching for a fight scene. I think maybe that’s part of my problem with this stretch. It feels like nothing’s happening. Stuff is happening but not of the blow stuff up or beat the crap out of somebody variety (which, after 5 straight days with my boss, is apparently what I REALLY want to write right now).

    I think this tends to be where I wind up. It’s like we lose patience with ourselves when we wouldn’t with anyone else. There’s all kinds of tension, and it’s been my experience that sometimes what we as writers think is “nothing happening” is the reader begging for a breath.

  3. Perhaps instead of writing out of order – if that really bothers you. Then maybe a quick short story to re-energize you.

    Doesn’t even have to be anything you plan to publish – just a writing exercise to get the juices flowing again without going off to “next novel” land.

  4. Good thoughts and energy sent your way. Take a moment just for you and re-energize yourself. Forget about the time pressures and relax. Have a cuppa something you truly enjoy (not just think you should enjoy). Too many things on the to do list can sometimes be paralyzing, so step away, and treat yourself well. Do something you want to do for you. You never know what what may be hiding in the valley of Meh or what the pebble you turn over will show you, have faith you will get through and the results will be pleasing. This may all sound silly, but we only have right now for sure and we need to enjoy it.

  5. Hi Kait,

    We have a lot in common as writers. I’m a very linear writer myself. I’m always afraid to skip ahead because something could unfold in the chapters I’ve skipped that could be crucial to the overall plot. I’ve had many good starts but when I get to the middle, I seem to choke. But I’m determined to see this project through one word at a time. Although many writers will gasp at this next suggestion, heck, try watching your favorite action movie (or one you haven’t seen but was curious about). This always seems to make my fingers itch to write. Movies like Death Proof or Kill Bill usually does the trick for me. What can I say? I love Q.T. movies.

    Anyway, don’t beat yourself up for feeling Meh. Just focus on the “Yoo-hoo!” you’ll get to shout when you’ve finished the novel. 🙂


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