Fitness Friday Update

As I sit here with my stomach bursting from a Five Guys burger (where they grasp the vital concept that the default state of a burger is PLAIN), my GIT streak (which made it a full 7 days) is definitely over.  It’s just so so hard to do it on the road.  I DID get up and work out this morning.  But it’s simply impossible to eat out and stay within a calorie budget.

Before this trip I was down 3.5 pounds.

But then there was the drive, which meant that as soon as I was on that long stretch of highway I wanted to nosh because this is what we (or at least I) are programmed to do on road trips.  Golden Flake Cheese Curls are my kryptonite.  I was out of calories before dinner last night (The Blow Fly Inn, featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.  We had this really interesting appetizer of fried green tomatoes, topped with sauteed shrimp and remaulade.).  And today…I don’t wanna talk about it.  An omelet from the Port City Cafe, a bunch of not healthy stuff at our work reception, and said Five Guys burger.  I’ll exercise again tomorrow and probably eat lighter just because my stomach is NOT happy right now.  And I’ll get home on Sunday.  Monday back on the bandwagon and the start of a new streak.  I’ve got a spaghetti squash calling my name for some serious vegetarian faux pasta.  Maybe a pesto…

What are your secrets for keeping the waistline under control when you’re traveling?

10 thoughts on “Fitness Friday Update

  1. Avoid bread… Which is the hardest thing ever, because I love bread.
    And we’ve finally got a Five Guys in Montreal! Ate there for the second time yesterday. YUM.

  2. This is not in response to today’s post, but rather a follow-up to one I made recently about not being able to get the updated version of “Blindsight” from Amazon after having bought the original version. Today I received an email message from them allowing me to request the updated version, as a replacement for the version I originally bought. So just FYI, that problem has been solved. (Of course in the meantime, I had gotten the later version through Smashwords.) 🙂

    1. Yes, someone told me I could contact customer service and request that they notify folks who had purchased it that there was an updated version, so I did that. Good to know that they followed through.

  3. Mmmm, Five Guys. There’s one right down the road from where I work. I avoid it most of the time. But it’s good for a real treat.

    I’m like you, I just can’t be good on the road. I don’t know why that is. Most restaurants have some selections that aren’t too bad. But when I’m on the road, it seems like my brain says it’s time to enjoy myself with food. I have an upcoming trip to Chicago and that’s going to be bad.

  4. I don’t have any secrets to keeping my waistline under control. I just eat what I want to eat so that I can enjoy my trip and then get back to work when I’m home again. Something I’ll be starting on tomorrow because I’m pretty sure I gained about 10lbs on my recent trip to the States. I would rather enjoy my time away than beat myself up about wanting back food AND not get to eat it. If I eat it, at least I get enjoyment out of the bad wanting. If you see what I mean. And I firmly believe that cheat days are a good thing…

  5. It’s just the weekend :)! It’s important to keep fitness and nutrition in check, but it’s also just as important to live a little—and no life is worth leading without the occasional fried green tomato

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