Sunday Summary

  1. I am finally home from my work trip.  I made it in just in time to avoid getting drenched, as the bottom dropped out practically right as I shut the front door.
  2. I have missed my hubby and pooches terribly.  A day without waggly tails (from the pooches, not the hubby) is a sad day indeed.
  3. I came through Jackson to visit one of my BFFs from college and her daughter (18 months), who is adorable.   It was a nice way to unwind after several days of work stuff.
  4. I did actually write on the work portion of the trip.  Wednesday: 751, Thursday: 785, Friday: 603.  Nothing on Saturday or today because I was being social and didn’t even have my computer out.  And I didn’t even twitch (for those of you who think I should be in withdrawal)!  I am not as far along in this chapter as I would like to be, but I am still moving ahead.
  5. I have done nothing but stuff my face since Thursday.  Tomorrow begins a new GIT streak.  I’m doing some menu planning with LOTS of vegetables this week.  Definitely need to debloat.  And it IS bloat.  I could tell after that first meal down there that I was eating way more salt than normal.  I feel PUFFY.  Like an overstuffed sausage.  I should be back to normal by the end of the week.
  6. Tonight we are going to see Harry Potter.  I have mixed feelings about it.  The end of an era.
  7. I started listening to Lisa McCann’s Wake on the drive home and immediately turned it off.  I cannot stand listening to audiobooks in present tense.  I really hate them in regular book form too, but I can tolerate them.  In audio, no, the whole thing feels like some little on-the-character’s-shoulder-blow-by-blow narration and I can’t stand it.  So that’s going on my “find in print” list, along with Holly Black’s White Cat.  And probably Brenna Yavanoff’s The Replacement, which is not in present tense, but I don’t care for the narrator of it either.
  8. I’m currently reading The Iron Knight, which I’ve been lusting after since 2 seconds after I finished The Iron Queen (because it is of vital importance that I find out HOW she fixes the impossible relationship she’s set up between Meghan and Ash.  Seriously, I lost sleep over it.).  Like the rest of the Iron Fey series, it is made of awesome.
  9. I have discovered the existence of tortilla presses.  This might not seem like a big deal or an anything of a discovery, but as I was watching the Food Network the other day, Guy Fieri was just pressing them out and throwing them on the griddle.  Do you have any idea how HARD it is to ROLL OUT A TORTILLA that is in ANY WAY ROUND?  It is HARD.  When you’re gluten free and love Mexican food, this is important.  I just ordered one on Amazon.
  10. Off to do more laundry.

13 thoughts on “Sunday Summary

  1. I’m glad you got some writing done while you were on your trip. I hope I can be that diligent when I go to Chicago in about 3 weeks. It’s great that you got to visit with your friend. Sometimes you just have to put that computer away and socialize with people in real life.

    I don’t like present tense books,either, but I’m reading one right now that’s not too bad. The subject matter of the book (it’s humorous) makes it okay in present tense. I haven’t listened to a present tense audio before. I can see where it would be annoying.

    I keep meaning to try out the Iron Fey series since you like it so well.

    And…there’s a tortilla press? How awesome is that?

  2. Wow, COOL, a tortilla press! That sounds like something Tracey would really like. I know my stomach would. What’s the name of the one you’re getting?

  3. It amazes me that you get this much done while running around so crazy! Have a great time with Harry Potter – lots of mixed feelings about it being the end too, but really enjoyed the movie. (I want to see it again…shhh!)

    I’m with Lauralynn on the Iron Fey series – you have definitely made me want to pick it up! There’s a tortilla press?? That makes me so excited. I can’t make any dough round – there must be a trick I missed along the way?!?

    1. I am semi-decent at making pizza round (though I don’t bother most of the time as my pizza stone is a rectangle and I want to take up as much of its surface area as possible), but the tortillas just defeat me. This is just a cast iron thingamabob where you put the ball of dough, flop over piece one, piece two and SQUISH and they come out round and you throw ’em on the griddle to cook.

  4. Welcome home. Oh, the tortilla press is pushing some of my buttons. Love flour tortillas. No corn for me. Drink lots and lots of water. All that travel food and the sodium will take a couple days to flush. Good job even doing a bit of writing while traveling. Traveling always throws me off. Have fun watching Harry Potter. I’m waiting for it to come out in DVD.

  5. Glad you’re home safely and that you got some writing done. Sounds like you had a fun trip. I have been stuffing my face since Friday. My mom is visiting and we eat too much. Definitely have to step up the GIT efforts. And I know what you mean about having mixed feelings about HP, but it was amazing.

  6. You’ve done impressively well, given being away. I always try to make excuses when I am out of town; one of the things I’m working on stopping!

    Thanks for putting me onto the Iron Fey series. It’ll go on my list. I hope you enjoyed HP; unless my youngest drags me to a theater, it will be awhile before I see it.

    Best of luck getting rid of the puffiness–Robin’s point is a good one. Lots of water. I hope you have a great week.

  7. I enjoyed the HP experience twice. Once in 2D and then again for a second round in 3D. (Generally, we stick to 2D, but it was sold out the second time when we were trying to go with my mother). There are some fun 3D scenes, and without ruining it, I’ll just say that my fave had me swiping at all the Voldemort in the air. (Ew.) I’d say that if you’re happen to make multiple passes, 2D followed by 3D can be fun. Second time around I was totally scoping out setting and filing away descriptors.

    Grats on staying focused through travel. It can always be a challenge.

  8. I think you did really well to do any writing while you were away. And I can see how present tense in an audio book would be weird, to say the least. Still, I have to say it again: I think you’re AMAZING to have done ANY writing while on your work trip. That’s fantastic!!

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