Sunday Summary and ROW80 Check-in

This will be short and sweet as I am writing from my phone. I did something radical and took an overnight trip without my laptop. Everyone pick yourself up off the floor. I know it’s shocking.

1. I had a five day GIT streak this week. Considering I was traveling this weekend I am very happy with that. It was absolutely broken at the Folia Brazilian Steakhouse last night–mostly because of the cheesecake. Mmmm.

2. I have gotten next to nothing done on Riven this week. It wasn’t the plan but I’ve been doing line edits on Red and getting it formatted and ready for release, so the week hasn’t been a lazy one. Once I get back to my computer this afternoon, I’ll enter the last corrections and click The Button. So barring disaster, Red will be available This Week.

3. We went to the Georgia Aquarium yesterday, which was cool but a claustrophobe’s worst nightmare. The crush of people, especially rude people, was awful. Everywhere I looked I saw opportunities for kidnapping and general mass chaos. It would make a really good book scene. And I was totally wishing I was Joss Marshall from the Talent Chronicles so I could telekinetically shove people out of my personal bubble. Because…damn.

Off to shower and get ready for brunch.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and ROW80 Check-in

  1. Butterscotch bread pudding got me tonight. LOL.

    Red’s almost ready. Squee!

    I really, really hate being in a crowd. I’m very claustrophobic. Because my brother locked me in a chest when we were younger. Yeah, it would be great to be Joss at a time like that. 🙂

  2. You seem to be moving fast. Didn’t you just finish the first draft of Red last week? Not a a criticism, more a note of envy at my part. But when you are on the roll then keep rolling. Good luck with finishing it of.

    1. I am a plotter, so all the muck ups most people wind up having to write whole new drafts over, get out of the way in outline form for me. My “first” draft is pretty darn close to finished. Revisions are about tightening up and cleaning up, which don’t take long.

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