Sunday Summary, #ROW80 and Operation G.I.T.

  1. Well let’s just get the admissions out of the way first: I have just been epic fail on my Riven goals this week.  I have been kicking butt and taking names on organizing my blog tour and doing all the promo stuff for Red, so that’s something.
  2. Regarding Operation G.I.T., I had a full on 5 day streak until Saturday.  I was down a full 2.5 pounds and within half a pound of undoing our trip to Atlanta.  Then I went to Mom’s to help out with hanging pictures and stuff.  We wound up having Sonic for lunch because it was easy.  I thought I was doing pretty good getting a single patty burger, plain, with medium fries and a Coke.  Except when I entered them into Spark People I’d already met my calories for the day.  I’m too afraid to see what the double cheeseburger I NORMALLY get would have done.  But no, that wasn’t the end.  We had a slice of cheesecake as a snack halfway through the afternoon, and after our unscheduled trip to the Emergency Room (more on that in a minute), I said, to hell with it, and got chicken strips and onion rings for dinner.  There was trauma.  I deserved it.  Sue me.
  3. So the Emergency Room…not my brightest shining moment of intelligence.  So as I said, I went to Mom’s to help hang pictures and stuff.  She has this decorative shelf thing in the kitchen—a big one—and we had one picture up there, just propped up looking all artsy and shit.  But we didn’t like that one, so we decided to try another.  And like a dumbass, I think, I’ll just put this second one in front and take it back down if she doesn’t like it. So I do, and we do like the second one better.  So I get back up on the stool to take it down and swap.  And apparently putting the second one up there pushed the first one off the diagonal, so it flipped forward and sent them both crashing into my nose.  It could have been way worse.  The glass didn’t break, neither did my nose.  It just opened a big gash, which bled copiously, since anything on the face does.  They wound up able to glue it together instead of doing stitches, so now my nose is all bruised with a dark line across it (it was a very, very straight gash, thankfully—shouldn’t scar much).  But hey my eyes didn’t blacken, which hubs thought they might last night (no, baby, those are the natural dark circles under my eyes from being chronically underslept since 2002).  So that’s improvement.  I am super cute.  You know, you never realize how much you actually use your eyebrows until you aren’t supposed to.
  4. My discharge instructions explicitly state that I’m not to do any vigorous exercise that would make me sweat (to make sure the Dermabond stays put).  Um, y’all, it’s Mississippi…in AUGUST.  Exercise is not required to sweat copiously.  Just step outside the door.  Like, at all.  So not sure how that’s gonna work.  Looks like I’ll definitely be sticking to weights and yoga this week.  Well, maybe just the lower leg yoga this week because dropping my head below my waist makes my nose throb, which is not cool.   I already hit Guru status on the Flexibility program anyway.
  5. I am currently reading Beautiful CreaturesI know, I said I was going to try to curb the YA thing, but it came in at the library and I’ve been on the waiting list..  Listening to it in audio and really enjoying it.  It’s got this marvelous, small-town south feel that the authors just nailed.  I am also starting Iron Kissed, which I actually did start reading a few months ago and got swept up in an oh my God, they’re showing the house clean.  Patricia Briggs is always awesome.  And I got oodles of marvelous suggestions of stuff I’ve never heard of on yesterday’s post, so that will be a great way to expand my TBR in a good direction.
  6. I’m trying to work up some enthusiasm to start laundry and go to the grocery, but at the moment I’m way more interested in finishing my tea and hanging out on the sofa.  Catch you on the flip side.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Summary, #ROW80 and Operation G.I.T.

  1. Oh man, Kait! At least it wasn’t worse, as you say. The raccoon look just doesn’t work on most people. I love your comment about not sweating–I’m in north central Florida, and sweating is like breathing. I am also filing away the Sonic calories–eek!

    I just finished Red this morning–which I will review this week–but I’m going to steal some suggestions from the replies to your earlier post. It sounds like despite all the chaos, you are well on track. I hope your nose gets better quickly, and that you have a great start to the week.

      1. Ah, lucky to have a door–not so lucky not to be able to wear make-up (we Southern girls love our make-up, don’t we?). I broke my nose many years ago just days before starting a job where I had to be on the reference desk for hours a day. Raccoon lady! Luckily it wasn’t a public library, or I would have given the little kids nightmares.

  2. So sorry about your trip to the ER! But Yays! for no raccoon eyes! I’ve had them before after my own klutziness caused a trip to the hospital. It was awful. As for the book you are reading–I love love love Patricia Briggs. I have the most recent book in the Mercy Thompson series to read right next to me…might have to crack that open actually. Maybe it will get me out of doing the laundry that is sitting in the basket waiting to get done?! I’m a master at procrastination! Congrats on your progress thus far and good luck this upcoming week!

  3. Kait, so sorry about your accident! I’m glad it wasn’t worse.

    I think when you get all the promo and stuff done for Red, it will be easier to really get down to writing Riven. Don’t spread yourself too thin. (Yeah, like you would NEVER do that.)

  4. Goodness gracious about the nose! That must have hurt like heck. Yes, you did deserve that calorie-rich dinner. I find myself reading YA all the time now too! YA and cozy mysteries are my faves. Best of luck on the ROW80 goals this week!

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