There’s a Wookie In My Purse

“What was that?”

“What was what?” I ask.

“That noise.”

“What noise?”


“There it is again!  It’s like an animal or something.”

"Dancing with the Star Wars Stars." ...
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“Oh, no, I’ve just got a Wookie in my purse,” I say.

:Blank stare:  “You what?

“Chewbacca now tells me when I have a text.”

:Flies Star Wars geek flag high:

So we are not a Mac household.  Hubs and I both prefer PCs.  But we do both have iPhones and he has an iPad.  With the implementation of this latest iOS and the iMessaging, it gets a little crazy when all the text notifications come in.  I mentioned I wished you could change the noise and he was like, “You can.”  Really?  Shows how much I’ve bothered poking around under the hood of my iPhone.  That actually solved the great 4 month mystery of why I kept hearing a clown horn at the office.  One of the student workers has that as his notifier.  Anyway, so hubby pointed me to where you could get new notifier tones and ringtones on iTunes yesterday, I had a field day.

They have a WHOLE BIG SECTION of Star Wars noises.  I thought about going with one of R2-D2’s noises, but I decided that repeated notifications at that same pitch would get old.  So I went with a quiet Chewie for texts.  Sort of a Wookie wimper.  This makes me long for the days when my college laptop had Star Wars noises for EVERYTHING.  There’s just something about hearing “Scruffy looking nerf herder!” when you have new mail that makes me grin.  Not like I couldn’t set that up again, if I really wanted.

Once I secured my new notifier (paid, of course, but 99 cents isn’t bad), I hopped on over to the ringtones.  I knew exactly what I wanted and I was thrilled to find that they actually had it–Django Reinhardt’s Minor Swing.  A jazz classic and one of my all time favorites (I didn’t think I’d be able to hear Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue in my purse).  It always makes me want to dance.  Some of you may remember Johnny Depp playing this in Chocolat.

I love being able to personalize notifiers and ringtones and computer noises.  It’s one of the ways we can really say something about ourselves and our personalities in modern society where boocoodles of people all have the same phone or computer as us–a way of saying This is mine.

What about you?  Do you use the on board ringtones/noises or do you personalize?  And if you do, what do YOU have that screams “This is me!”

16 thoughts on “There’s a Wookie In My Purse

  1. I have ringdroid on my DROID and am constantly making tones that fit the peeps that call or text me. If they could hear them they may get upset. Hope they never call me when we are in the same room.

  2. It’s one of the things I want to do but am currently struggling with things like answering it, getting a keypad to come up when the automated voice says For me to actually do anything for you, press 1. Wait! There’s no keypad, I have to get the keyp– I’m sorry, you have entered a number I don’t recognize, please–arrrrgggghhhh I didn’t enter anything yet, just hold on! Fumble fumble. That kind of thing.

    Anyway, I love other people’s ringtones. I’m sure some people don’t like it, but I kind of think it’s awesome when I’m in the supermarket and someone’s ass pocket bursts into song. It’s like being a musical.

  3. I have a Droid phone. I had the R2-D2 sound for awhile, but everyone in the office knew when I was getting a text, and my boss got annoyed, I think. So I changed it to the Buffy thing where at the end it goes “Grrrr Arrrgh” LOL

    I am such a nerd when it comes to things like this. 🙂

    1. I bought them from my phone through the iTunes store. If you go to iTunes from the phone, click on More at the bottom, it’ll have an option for Tones, then click on Genres, scroll down to Sound Effects and there’s a button at the top for Star Wars sound effects that should take you to them.

  4. I went for the R2 notifier for my texts. And I do a ton of ringtones. My standard right now is Train’s “Save Me, San Francisco,” but my wife’s ringtone is “Me & Tequila” by Kenny Chesney and Grace Potter.

  5. We (wife and I both) use a clip from the William Tell Overture for our kids because every time they call us it is sure to be start of a great drama race. Gets the adrenaline primed and ready 🙂

  6. I used to have some great ones, but now don’t have anything. Althou you have got me thinking about having a poke around. I don’t have an iphone or anything, but maybe I can find something for my new work laptop. Let the Wookie Win would also be a nice one.

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