#ROW80 Midweek Check-In

Thanksgiving is, um, TOMORROW, and I’ve been cooking all week.  So nothing written much, but cooking time is great plotting time, so I’ve had some breakthroughs on that level on a YA trilogy I’m plotting.  Things just got more complicated and interesting. AND I had a major cooking triumph in that I PULLED OFF THE GLUTEN FREE SISTER SCHUBERT ROLLS!


The recipe isn’t ready for the blog yet, but if anybody wants it for the holiday, dash me an email at kaitnolanwriter (at) gmail (dot) com and I’ll be happy to share it with you.

My mom gets here in less than an hour, so I’m doing a last minute spit shine of the house–you know, getting all the dog hair tumbleweeds vacuumed, laying out fresh towels, cleaning the bathroom, picking up…Making it look like civilized people live here.

As a quick Operation GIT update, I’ve been able to move back into yoga and boxing.  I customized a program on New U that doesn’t aggravate my neck (which is doing much better, thanks) and works all my major muscle groups.  I’m not sure WHY I’m always inclined to let yoga slide.  I always feel better when I do it.  I guess it’s partly because my reading time is so limited and if I bike, it means I get to read.

Speaking of reading, Tahereh Mafi’s Shatter Me is finally out, so I’m going to be sneaking minutes here and there all weekend to read it.  I’ve been SO EXCITED waiting for this book.  It’s just an added bonus that Tahereh herself is totally adorable.  We’re twitter buddies.

Must go finish the floors…Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

6 thoughts on “#ROW80 Midweek Check-In

  1. My main problem with yoga is distraction, as well. There’s so many other things to do that I just can’t stick to it for more than five minutes, if I’m lucky. Fantastic job on all the cooking and the success with the rolls, and I do love that cooking allows for lots of plotting time. I try to squeeze that sort of thinking in at work, but it never works as well. All those pesky distractions!

    Good luck with everything for the holidays, Kait, and happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I don’t mind the dog-hair tumbleweeds so much, because they’re easy to spot and easily swept away. It’s the kitty-fur dust bunnies that hide until a guest happens upon one that scare me!

    Writing and cooking… today and tomorrow!

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