I’m currently basking in quiet amusement this morning.  That I’m basking in anything on a Monday morning after a holiday, when I’m about to go back to work, is a minor miracle.  But basking I am, and I’m going to enjoy it like a reptile on a sun-warmed rock.

See, I don’t actually talk about my writing life a whole lot with most of my real life friends and family.  I mean, anybody whose known me any length of time knows that I write, but I generally kind of keep it on the DL.  Partially it’s because there’s still a part of me that wants to be able to hold up a traditional publication deal to them, as that’s something they’d understand without explanation whereas the self publishing side of things is murkier and sometimes hard to explain to non-writers without getting into a long and convoluted description of my platform and business plan–total TMI in an attempt to justify my rational thought process going into it.  Partly it’s because when I do talk much about the writing, non-writers often glaze over (kind of like I do as a non-parent when some people go into the minutia about their kids–no I really didn’t need to know the intimate details of her pink eye).  I don’t wanna force my boring-to-them blatherings on them.  Partly it’s because, in a very real way, I feel like I lead a double life.  And that’s kind of fun sometimes.  What?  Like you don’t secretly want to be a spy?

In any event, over the holiday we got to hang out with one of hubby’s BFF’s and his adorable wife.  They were kind enough to ask how the writing was going, so I told them about where I was in broad sketches, mentioning Red and Genesis and generally enjoying the congratulations which were sincere and well intended.  That’s always lovely to get from friends.  When she got home, the wife picked up Red.  And read it in 24 hours.  And sent me a truly flattering message on FB about how much she enjoyed it and how talented she thinks I am.

Now fan-type-mail from anybody is flattering and wonderful.  I always get tickled pink when anybody tells me they enjoyed my work.  It means I did my job.  But there’s something about getting that kind of thing from someone who actually knows me IRL that’s just…extra special.  Maybe because it often seems to be said with a sort of faint surprise and there’s a part of me that loves to impress people.  Not like the people who know me IRL expect less of me or something or that I’m somehow NOT capable.  But everybody secretly thinks they can write a book.  I like being the one to show them that it’s not as easy as it looks–and I did it well anyway.  I sucked at dance and gymnastics and every single sport I ever tried, but I’m good at this.

8 thoughts on “Basking

  1. Yea, I can totally understand that feeling. Congratulations, Kait!
    I can’t wait for that day… just want to hold a bound copy of my book and show people that I’ve done it.

  2. I experience something similar, only with cooking. See, I don’t like to cook, but I can. I actually baked cookies at one job, and I had to guilt most of my coworkers into trying them (and most of those who I didn’t need to guilt into it assumed I’d bought the cookies from the store). My coworkers’ shocked responses of “That’s good!” were sorta depressing. I told you people I could cook…

    (For some reason, folks seem to expect my stories to be fantastic. I get called a great writer by folks who have never read a word I’ve written. I can only guess that they assume I can write a story because I can evidently carry a monologue that others enjoy listening to, since they ask me to continue when I give them opportunities to change the topic or excuse themselves.)

  3. I couldn’t agree more! I had a similar experience happen last week. It’s that little justification that we need to keep going. Means a lot coming from an IRL friend, especially since I’ve had a few ‘friends’ not support this ‘writing thing’ at all.
    Thanks for sharing.

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