What I’d Like To See Out of NBC’s Grimm

So Grimm got picked up for a full season.  This makes me happy because I think the show has a lot of potential and now they have the opportunity to develop it beyond the awkward adolescence of a 6 episode pilot season.  But as I said in a previous post, if the writers behind Grimm don’t get their crap together, the show is going to have a grim future.  So here’s my wishlist as a viewer:

  1. Give me some snappy dialogue.  With David Greenwalt (of Angel and Buffy lineage) on board as executive producer, I feel like he should be pushing for more of the great dialogue that marked his previous successes.  Right now nobody’s quoting Grimm.  Nothing being said is memorable.
  2. Give me some relationship conflict.  Nick is leading a double life.  I want to see it causing problems in his relationship with Juliet.  I mean, dude, he should be lying to her, getting caught, weirding her out, making her question the status of their relationship.  This stuff should be causing him problems!  Not just with Juliet, but with his partner, with his job.
  3. Give me some more angst over what the heck he’s supposed to be doing as a Grimm.  This is a huge paradigm shift in how Nick views the world.  He’s adapted WAY too easily.  Have him do some stuff wrong and get all angsty over whether he’s doing the right thing.  And don’t always have Monroe bail him out.  Get him into trouble.
  4. Give Nick an injection of personality.  Seriously.  He’s Joe Average boring.  He needs some quirks.  Some flaws (other than being boring).  What are his inner demons?  What are his fears?  Do some character development!  He’s way too well adjusted.

What would YOU like to see the writers do with Grimm?

9 thoughts on “What I’d Like To See Out of NBC’s Grimm

  1. I agree with you. At first, I was enjoying Grimm a lot more than Once Upon A Time but I was also waiting for something more to happen with Nick, something a bit more dire. I didn’t understand why he accepted his calling as quickly as he did. Guess we’ll see what they come up with! I’m thinking his girlfriend gets taken from him (killed?) and forces him to get angry. Also, snappy dialogue! Yes please.

  2. I’m going to have to pretty much agree with all of the above. The snappy dialogue would probably be on top of the list because I’m all about the dialogue. Those of us who watched Buffy know about great dialogue! I love quoting Reese from Person of Interest because he says the coolest things. (Tiffany White and I tweet to each other quotes from that show.) I haven’t heard too many things from Grimm that make me want to do that.

    Nick’s relationship with Juliet is boring. I would rather they have had him with no relationship in the beginning and then develop a relationship with someone later. Maybe even with a creature of some sort. 🙂 And Nick has no personality to speak of. I can’t figure out if that’s the actor’s fault or if it’s the writing. I suspect it’s a combination of both.

  3. I can’t argue with any of these points–all would improve a great concept show. Well you get your butt on that writing staff? I know you’d kick ass and take names all over the place, and then all us viewers win! 🙂


  4. Ditto! Totally agree. If this show wasn’t on NBC, it would be long gone, but they’ve got nothing else going so they might as well try to save it. But like I said before, having a chemistry-free lead is a real sticky problem. (If I were the writers, I would be secretly fantasizing about killing off Nick and having Hank the partner and Eddie the good blutbad team up to solve his murder, thereby taking over his legacy. Instant charisma!)

    And yeah, the dialogue. Sigh. I miss Joss Whedon. Greenwalt wrote better dialogue when Joss was polishing the final scripts. Everybody writes better dialogue with Joss.

    I’ll keep watching, but not with a lot of hope.

  5. Well, the good thing is that you’ve made me less depressed that I’m missing Grimm episodes! 🙂 Um… that shouldn’t be a good thing, though. Yikes, this show had such potential–LOVE the wolf character–but I only got to see two episodes and figured more character dev was coming. Actually, based on what I’ve seen, I’d take Wolfie as main character, with Grimm-guy as his recurring sidekick… ambiguos-ize it a little more.

    Oh wait, it’s a network show. Sigh, never mind… 😉

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