#ROW80 Check-In and Operation G.I.T.

Thing are going pretty well with DOTH.  I’m still managing an average of 500 words a day, despite a number of events that have interfered with my writing this past week.  I’m hoping to keep that up as the week progresses since I’ve got even more stuff sucking up my writing time.  I’ve spent a lot of time mulling over this opening scene of chapter one.  I really don’t know my heroine all that well.  She’s definitely not me made over, so I’ve had to dig deep to figure out what we have in common so that I can bring that voice of authenticity to her.  But I finally got a clue yesterday, so even though the opening scene is rough and has plenty of ramble as I fumbled my way through it, I think I’m finally starting to get somewhere.

On the G.I.T. front…hoo buddy.  It’s bad.  I’ve gained FOUR POUNDS since Thanksgiving! This is bad enough in that my regular pants are getting tight across the fanny and thighs, but the whole situation is compounded by the fact that I need something to wear to my dad’s retirement dinner tonight and NONE of my proper “business attire” fits.  This is largely because I haven’t actually had NEED of proper business attire for eight years.  I have my funeral dress, sun dresses, and a few party dresses that are wholly inappropriate.  What’s left in my closet is all a size 8 and…I am not.   Grr.  So I’m taking off early today to go shopping, which is way less fun than it sounds as it means going near the mall area after Black Friday which is a HELL NO proposition due to the crazy crowds.

But I’ve been very good with the extra exercise this week, sticking to getting up early, boxing, 40 minutes of interval training, pushups, dips, and the Hundred, so I’m gonna stick with that.  And hubs and I finally got back to our evening walks with the dogs (we got derailed by rain).  Next week I’m adding weights back in, and I get of work after the 20th, so I can squeeze in some extra workouts over the two weeks I’m off work.  It does appear that somebody bought My Fitness Coach for Wii off my wish list (sue me, I checked), so that will give me something fun and new to play with after Christmas to pump things up.  The trend can at least be HALTED if not reversed until after January.

Tomorrow is the last buffet style office party.  These are the ones that KILL ME because it’s THERE all day, mocking me, and saying EAT ME EAT ME!  People can say “load up from the veggie tray” all the live long day but a) there’s usually not a veggie tray and b) who can sit there and just eat veggies when there are sausage balls and all kinds of other deliciousness, usually involving butter and sugar or dip in its many and varied forms?

I will survive.

5 thoughts on “#ROW80 Check-In and Operation G.I.T.

  1. Oh, man, good luck with the shopping. May it be surprisingly swift and easy and perhaps in the cradle of those few moments sales associates get to breathe when the holiday season rolls around!

    I always feel the struggle of not really “knowing” your character with a new project, too, so it’s good to hear that you got that little clue. I love when little clues sometimes open the door to the brilliant big room where everything that was “off” about a struggling piece finally makes sense and arrange itself accordingly. Looks like that might be right around the corner. Good luck!

  2. My G.I.T. situation is bad, too. It didn’t help that we now have an Olive Garden in town….

    I almost never really know my main character until a few chapters into the book. You’ll figure her out. You always do.

  3. Ih, I didn’t star gaining weight yet, but I’ll once I go to my parents’ next week. It’s a banquet everyday and all day long … I love and hate it at the same time lol

    I feel like I have to know everything about my character before start writing, but, the times I tried that, I ended up being bored LOL So now I try to find out their personality and a few factors that made them the way they are and that’s it. The rest comes as I write.
    Good luck!

  4. I was very naughty about the exercise last week. Seeking to remedy that this week. Sounds like you’re definitely back on the wagon. I don’t envy your shopping trip. I had one myself earlier in the week. Hubby and I have a Christmas party on Fri. Congrats on being able to push through the opening scene even though it felt muddy. You rock! 😀

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