You Never Forget Your First

…Nora that is.

I was reminded by this yesterday when I made a Twitter hail for people to tell me their favorite non-historical book that’s set on a ranch in Montana.  I know.  Very specific query, but my current WIP begins on a ranch in Montana, so I’m wanting to read more in that vein for color and research.  Of course several folks mentioned Montana Sky by Nora Roberts, which is one of my faves.  It was actually the first Nora I ever read, back when I was about thirteen or fourteen, and it set off a lifelong love of both romance and Nora’s books in particular.  She’s been on my auto buy list ever since.

In my continued quest for more Montana ranch books, I actually went to the Amazon page for Montana Sky, hoping to find some other “customers who bought this also bought” recommendations.  Every single book on all 20 pages was another Nora.  She’s an incredibly prolific writer and, despite detractors that criticize her for head hopping and other things, her fans are rabid and legion.  The woman tells a damn good story, and she presents very relatable heroines who have wants and desires beyond landing a husband.  And I don’t know anybody who writes families–blooded and made ones–better than she does.

My Twitter query actually led to a discussion with several other Nora fans who talked about what their first Nora was.  It’s interesting to me to hear the answers and find out whether they began with her shorter category length stuff or from her full length romantic suspense or contemporaries.  I started with the latter and wound up working my way backward.  And as I’ve grown as a writer, stronger in my craft, I can look at her early work compared to later, and see how she herself improved over decades.  I find her so inspirational, and I’m proud to say she’s definitely one of my writer heroes.

What was your first Nora?

7 thoughts on “You Never Forget Your First

  1. I may have read one of her earlier books when I was a teen and reading straight romance, like the Harlequins. But, I don’t really remember reading her before I read the J.D. Robb’s “In Death” Series. I was hooked on those from the first and gradually found my way to her other romantic suspense books.Now all I can say is…wow! She’s awesome and one of my favorites. 🙂

  2. My very first Nora was my very first romance novel 🙂 She introduced me to the genre. In high school one day I saw an intriguing book in my best friend’s backpack (it was Born in Shame by Nora Roberts), but it had flames on the cover and made me think it was a witch-y story, so I begged her to lend it to me. When she did and I staretd reading it, my eyes got as big as saucers it was my first romance novel and the first steamy one I read. Gobbled it up and stayed up until dawn to finish it, loved it and couldn’t wait to read the following books in the series. To this day it remains one of my favourite Nora books. 🙂

    ps. and I agree, one of the things I love most about Nora Roberts’ stories are the family connections! 😀

  3. I’m not a Nora fan (any flavor), but that’s less her failing, and more the fact that her books just aren’t my thing. Naturally though, I’ve read Montana Sky (though it was eons ago) and I have a few of her Robb books on the shelf as well.

    I am in Montana though (been here all my life), so feel free to contact me if you need specific research. I don’t know everything about the state, obviously, but if I can help, I’m happy to. 🙂

  4. Well, I was just a little older than a teenager when I started reading Nora (cough-cough). 🙂 But I think the first book I stumbled upon was Key of Light. I loved the story line and how she included female relationships and dynamics. After that I pretty much grabbed anything I could get my hands on. But my all time favorites would be the River’s End and The Villa.

  5. Oh, I love Nora! I always joke that I went straight from Saddle Club to romance novels, and Nora was among my first romance reads. My first Nora was Irish Thoroughbred. :-p I fell in love and devoured her books as fast as I could. Oddly, I’ve yet to try her J.D. Robb series, so that’s next on my list of series to tackle.

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