Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  • I am DONE with my Christmas shopping and DONE with my wrapping!  And I’m NEARLY done with my BAKING!  Yesterday was a huge cooking day here at Chez Nolan.  I made up a batch of beef vegetable soup, a double batch of sausage balls, some vegetarian stuffed shells (my answer to what to do with partial containers of ricotta, cottage cheese, and feta), and 4 loaves of sourdough bread.  I’ve got 4 more loaves to go.  It’s so WEIRD to cook normal bread that behaves like…normal dough.  First time in nearly a year.  
  • On the GIT front, I’ve dropped a pound of water weight.  Guzzling 2 liters of water a day, FTW!  The holiday parties are DONE at work, so I am focusing very very hard on sticking to my calorie budget and getting my exercise done to see if I can’t turn that 4 pound gain into only 3 by Christmas, and possibly into 2 by New Year’s.  Maybe.  We’ll see.  Any shrinkage I can manage is less weight I have on my plate come New Year’s Eve when I’m working on resolutions.
  • On the writing front things went pretty well the front half of the week, but not so hot on the back end.  I averaged right at 500 words from Sunday to Tuesday, but Wednesday was my dad’s retirement party and my mom’s birthday, so no writing then, then I was so freaking tired on Thursday that I couldn’t string a coherent sentence together.   Then Friday another no writing day(though I got all the wrapping done), and yesterday a whopping 4 words on DOTH.  Yep, that’s it.  4.   After cutting about 300.  I did, however, have some plot breakthroughs on DOOM, so there’s still a chance I might finish my blueprint for that by the end of this Round.  I actually know how it ENDS now, so my brain should start working on filling in the pieces of the middle that are currently missing.  So that was something that got accomplished amid all the cooking.
  • I get off work on Wednesday for the holiday.  Two whole weeks off.  The glorious bonus of working for a university.  This is the first Christmas in recent memory where I haven’t been working my butt off developing a new class or updating an old one.  So the plan is to exercise, eat right, and write my fanny off.  I’m not actually setting the goal, per sae, but I would LOVE to get up to the FPP in DOTH by the time I go back.  Because that’s when things get REALLY interesting.  I’m not sure if I’ll have enough uninterrupted time around stuff or not.  My mom comes in Christmas Eve.  The day before that I’m going down to see my grandmother and aunt.  Mom doesn’t go home until the day after Christmas.  Hubs and I are shooting a wedding New Year’s Eve.  So we’ll see.  My bigger goal is to manage to harness my focus again.  I’m very rusty on that point and have a hard time buckling down because I’ve gotten out of routine.  Focus and attention span are something that have to be trained and honed, like a muscle.
  • So Barnes and Noble have FINALLY gotten their crap together and now allow gifting of Nookbooks.  This only took them two Christmases to sort out.  Better late than never.  Of course if precedent holds, the entire site will crash Christmas day because everyone will be trying to buy and their infrastructure can’t hold up to the traffic.  How many years do you think it will take them to fix their search engine?
  • My latest obsession has been PinterestI’m loving this site and have wasted all kinds of time on it this week.  It’s just a cool way to discover random fun stuff on the net.  I’ve made a board for DOTH inspiration, another for inspiration in general, another for fitness and motivation–there’s been some fabulous quotes on there.  One of my favorites: Sweat is just fat crying.  You can make boards for anything and it’s so fun to just browse.  Thanks, Mom, for introducing me.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. You’re done?! You over achiever you!

    Are you going to post this: “vegetarian stuffed shells (my answer to what to do with partial containers of ricotta, cottage cheese, and feta)” or have you already and I just missed it? Sounds yummy.

    I’m avoiding Pinterest, LOL, very much worried I’ll waste more time than I can afford too.

  2. Sounds like you’re doing brilliantly, Kait! Mm, all that baking… I bet DH would love it if I got my act together and started cooking up a storm this week!

  3. Wow, all the baking. It’s amazing, cause here in Brazil we don’t usually do that much …
    And you’re always doing so well. A few days down the hill aren’t that bad. And we know you’ll catch up beautifully.
    Have a nice week!

  4. As usual, you’re the busy, organized one. And I say, good for you. I do NOT have all my Christmas shopping done, no food preparation done, and I still have wrapping paper and stuff all over the house. LOL. It sounds like you’re also doing well on G.I.T. and writing.

    Isn’t Pinterest great? You can really spend huge blocks of time on that site if you’re not careful!

  5. I admire you, I would not be able to do all that baking and keep my wieght down. As for Christmas shopping, we have to wait for payday which two days before Christmas. Wish me luck. 🙂

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