Red Now Available In Paperback!

Tis the season for fairy tales

Red is available in paperback!

Just in time for the holidays, Red is available in paperback!  Currently it’s only up at Amazon and Createspace.  It will eventually trickle over to Barnes and Noble and The Book Depository (for international readers–they have FREE SHIPPING!), but I’m not sure that will happen in time for Christmas.  But hey, let’s face it, Amazon typically has better, faster shipping, so if you’re looking for a stocking stuffer for the reader in your life, please consider Red.

For ebook lovers, it is ON SALE for the holiday season for $2.99.  If you’ve been waiting to buy or want to share, now’s the time.  Buy it now from Smashwords, Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon DE, , Sony, the iBookstoreDiesel Ebooks, XinXii, and All Romance EBooks.

One thought on “Red Now Available In Paperback!

  1. Yay! As much as I love ebooks, there’s just something about holding your own physical book in your hand. You can hold it out to someone and say, “Look, I wrote this!” 🙂

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