A New Jag?

By which I do not mean the car.  No, I’m thinking about reading jags this morning.  For me, particular genres are often like a food I can’t get enough of–and since they have no calories, I’ll absolutely GORGE myself on something, and then often step away for a while.   Cozy mysteries.  Chick lit.  Romantic suspense.  The only thing I haven’t satiated on is paranormal and urban fantasy–which, for me, are like the chocolate of the book world.  I never get tired of it.

Last year I wallowed in YA fiction.  Now, I am by no stretch tired of it.  I still seem to find the freshest, most adventurous stories there.  But this year, I’m off on an adult foot, having already knocked out Nora Roberts’ Chasing Fire, Meljean Brook’s Heart of Steel (and how much do I really LOVE this series?), and already diving into the second Psy-Changling Book by Nalini Singh.  I’m also reading the final Strange Angels book by Lili St. Crow, so I haven’t forsaken YA, but for now, I’ve got a definite yen for grown up fare.

I’m really not sure what drives these cravings for particular genres and ages any more than I know why I simply must have scallops for dinner or whip up some baked ziti.  Cravings from the body are usually the result of needing SOMETHING in that dish.  So I guess cravings in books are my creative mind looking for something in particular?  It’s as good a theory as any, I guess.

Do you get yens for certain types of books that you just can’t get enough of?

4 thoughts on “A New Jag?

  1. My reading taste is so eclectic that I don’t really crave certain genres. I do love those cozy mysteries as well as the other genres you mentioned. But I also like detective and crime novels. And horror.

  2. I do get certain jags, except for paranormal/UF which I read anytime. I do the same with DVDs…I’m currently on my 3rd viewing of the old Perry Mason TV series and my 4th read of Nora Roberts (J.D. Robb) In Death series from the beginning.

  3. My jags are discovering a new to me author and then reading all their books. I did this with Laurell K. Hamilton, Nalini Singh and Christine Feehan. Except I couldn’t get into Feehan’s Dark series. Everything else but. Nora is never ending. I’ve read her Death series twice and now am listening to it in the car. Can’t get enough of her or her alias J.D. Robb. I seem to do that more with Paranormal than anything else. I like to read series, but mysteries take them a little bit at a time.

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