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Moving on.

Okay, that’s it.  I’m calling it.

NBC’s Grimm is just flatlining.  No matter how interesting the premise (and it had such potential–a fairy tales meet Supernatural meet pick-your-favorite-cop-drama), you cannot carry a show more than a handful of episodes without an engaging cast.  And while we all agree that Munroe the Blutbad is a lot of fun, and we even like the partner (whose name escapes me at the moment), but our central hero, the guy everything is supposed to revolve round, the last Grimm is just flat BORING.

Now I have never seen David Giuntoli in any other role, so I have no idea whether the fault is with the actor or the script, though I am inclined to think there’s some of both.  There’s nothing in the lines he’s been given to make him remotely memorable.  Nick is not funny like Dean.  He does not have Sam’s shoulders.  He’s not delightfully, heart-wrenchingly tortured.  I don’t feel anything for him other than impatience for him to get off the screen so somebody else with more personality can have a turn.

There have been so many opportunities to fix this.  They could’ve paid attention and adapted his personality.  Deepened him.  Given him quirks.  Interesting hobbies, even.  Complicate his life.  Run the fiance off.  SOMETHING.  But no, they’ve just let it float along, doling out less than a handful of breadcrumbs of metaplot per episode, and relying on…hell, I don’t even know what, to carry the show.  It’s just NOT WORKING.

So I am sad to say, I am deleting the timer off my DVR.

At least with Once Upon A Time, I still care about the characters, I want to know what happens, and how they’re going to work everything out.  It may have its issues, but I’m still watching, and I like it.

9 thoughts on “Flatline: Grimm

  1. I like Grimm a little more than you do, it seems, but I still have to agree with you about Nick. Every once in awhile they’ll give him something cute to say, but sometimes it’s hard to catch it. He’s really cute (not gorgeous), but it’s hard to feel for him. There was an episode or two where I thought things were getting better, but no. Oh, and I also agree with you that getting rid of the fiancee would help. I just don’t care about their relationship at all. The thing is, I watch it for the story line and Monroe, the Blutbad. Plus, hubby likes it, so we watch it together. I agree that Once Upon a Time is SO much better.

  2. I actually really like the show, but you are totally right. I love the partner and the uniform cop who always comes in with great lines. They are both characters I care about, along with Monroe. I think I stick around to see what interesting bad guy creatures there will be weak after weak. And I like the Grimm part of it. It reminds me of the Slayer lore of Buffy. But, they definitely have to do something to fix Nick. He is super-boring. I also love Once Upon a Time, although they killed off the only hot guy which made me a little mad. I guess the cool fairy tale stories don’t have to meet my hot guy criteria because the premise is so cool.

  3. Besides the boring main character, the fiancé is the other big problem with the show. She needs to die or leave him for the show to get interesting. Maybe make her one of the creatures. Something. Right now Nick is too nice, too noble. Something needs to knock him flat in order to increase the tension.

    We’ve only touched on a major plots line with the Reaper and Nick’s boss. They need to show more of that.

  4. I’m a few episodes behind, but I agree. The personal stakes for this main character need to be upped. I still don’t know why Nick’s involved with these characters except that his dead aunt willed him a trailer full of fairy tale stuff. It’s not enough to push the story week after week.

    How about we volunteer to write a few scripts for them? This is a great premise and a totally workable show with some tweaking. Oh well.

  5. I like Grimm…but you’re right about the lead being a newbie. David Giuntolo is an unknown. I think he got his start on MTV’s Real World/Road Rules shows. But I really do like the show. I like the story and the fairy tale twists. Monroe is the best character, hands down. I’d like to see more conflict for Nick and his girlfriend (which I do think may be brewing) and I’d like to see more of the partner and captain. Isn’t the captain supposed to be bad? Let’s see it!

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