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I woke up this morning at 4:45.  There is so much inherently wrong with that on a Saturday morning, but rather than lay in bed and be mad about it, I got on up.  I’m grateful I have two whole days of lazy weekend remaining (nap ahoy!) because I took off at noon on Thursday to work with hubby on a big blitz to get our house ready to put back on the market, as on Wednesday 2 separate people called our realtor wanting to see it (it’s NOT on the market at the moment), one of them for today.  Thank God I’d already started on the massive list on Monday.

So we have been busting hump.  Got all the flowerbeds and trees remulched, mowed, weedeated, weeded, planted fresh flowers in the bed by the mail box, made new hanging baskets, made a few small outdoor repairs, blitz cleaned the inside.  Aaaaaaand found out after we were all done that the people who wanted to see it today found out it had only one bathroom and took it off their list.

But whatever.  It’s done and now I have a whole weekend to just BE LAZY.  Well, my version of lazy, which usually involves a lot of prep cooking for next week, blog posts, ROW80 maintenance, and writing.  The weather is gorgeous, so I’m foreseeing a walk with the pooches, perhaps to the dog park if I can get confirmation it’s not a total mud pit after all the rain night before last. And a continuation of our Big Bang Theory marathon, which always makes me desperate for Chinese food.  I think that’s all they eat.  Every episode.

In conjunction with yesterday’s post about looking for local folks I actually have something in common with, I did discover you can search for people by zip code on Goodreads.  You can even compare your books and it’ll tell you whether you actually like any of the same stuff, which I found really cool.  I found three ladies a couple towns over who have similar tastes to me, so I added them as friends and sent a brief message saying I was local and hi.

Next up, puzzling out how to tap into the local foodie community.


4 thoughts on “House Prep

  1. Oh, that was way too early to get up! I slept in.

    It seems like you really got a lot done on the house in a short period of time. You must have really busted your butt. I hate that those people decided not to look at the house because of the bathroom situation. Maybe a single person or a couple with no kids will see it and decide they don’t need two bathrooms. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

    Thanks for letting us know about the Goodreads search. That’s good to know. Maybe I’ll find someone close by. I know there were a lot of NaNo people in the next town over when I was doing NaNo those two years.

  2. With everything else you got done, I’m surprised you didn’t just build a second bathroom. You’d have finished and decorated it before they could have driven over to see it!

    Good luck with your listing. We’ve just bought a new place and are excited about our move on Easter weekend.

  3. I’d attend local wine tastings to meet foodies. People who love wine nearly always love food too. *this from the gal with 100+ bottles of wine in her house*

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