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  1. Let me preface this post by saying that Daylight Savings Time is an invention of the devil.  I hate, loathe, despise and otherwise want to stab it to a bloody death with a titanium spork.  All you people who are like “but now it’s not dark when I get off work!” can suck it!  I never DO anything after work because I’m TIRED and it’s usually HOT, ergo I’m going to come home and stay INSIDE in my nice air conditioned house where daylight does me no good whatsoever.  And instead I am PUNISHED by being forced to GET UP IN THE DARK.  :grumble grumble grouse complain:  Pick a damned time and leave it year round.  This changing crap is for the birds.
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  2. The DABWAHA brackets are UPRed is matched up against Anna Dressed In BloodThis was the one book on the list that I hadn’t read that I really want to.  It’s good in that it’s not Divergent or Girl of Fire and Thorns which I know practically EVERYBODY has heard of.  But I think it’s more well known than the other alternatives.  So, we shall see!  Jane gives a nice little tutorial on HOW TO USE THE BRACKET at the link, so please swing by the Tourney and enter your guesses as to who might win what bracket.  I have no idea how this guessing portion fits in with the actual voting (which doesn’t start until Thursday I believe).  And remember, you can still sign up for the DABWAHA Newsletter for daily reminders of what you can do to help Red stand a fighting chance!
  3. So the writing front has not gone great since about Wednesday when I a) found out about my nomination for DABWAHA, b) talked to my realtor about the people who wanted to see the house and dove into getting stuff ready, and c) had my mini pity party about the lack of local friends who really get me.  I have come to understand that my brain’s method of getting back online for writing after several days off is to plot stuff.  So yesterday I sat down and plotted out 3/4ths of another Mirus novella that resurrects an old heroine (not one I’d killed off, but one in a book I tossed) and also provides a use for the Riven cover I bought last year.  I made it through to Act 4, finished most of the blueprint, story structure and scene list.  Today I’d like to get going again on DOTH and maybe sort out Act 4 of this new Riven.
  4. On Friday I had the Honor Council hearings for the plagiarists in my class.  Both were quite unpleasantly surprised that ignorance is not, in fact, a viable defense and were levied with a lower  letter grade and mandatory completion of the Academic Integrity Intervention.  Given the type of student who usually plagiarises in the first place, this means they probably won’t pass my class.  If looks could kill, I would be a smoldering pile of ash.
  5. I’m ready to get back to reading.  Been so busy this week I haven’t had much time to read, and my current weights/bands routine is so long I don’t have time for my extra bike time.  I’ve been working my way through a couple of novella collections.
  6. Hubs and I have been shopping grills online this morning.  Ours is limping its way to its death.  We’ve determined we’re going to try to keep it as long as we can in hopes that we sell our house before it finally dies because all the ones we want to replace it won’t fit on our current porch.  We’ve got big dreams of someday having an epic outdoor kitchen.  And on that note, I’m hungry and it’s time to make some omelets for breakfast.

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  1. Right with you on daylight savings time – took me two hours to discover the disappointment – although there was a bit of payback when the Starbucks guy told me he had to sit in the parking lot for an hour because he missed the shift altogether. Guess he should have had coffee first.

    Totally rooting for you on DABWAHA and will be there to (hopefully) help boost you to the next round. Good luck with the grill hunt – nothing beats grilled food. Have a great week, Kait 🙂

  2. Daylight Savings time doesn’t happen over in Holland for another fortnight, but I too dislike the little imp. Not a big fan of his Autmunal cousin either. I never truly understood why we have the change. Maybe it is something explained in high school, but I just cannot remember it any more.

    I’m lucky in a way because I get up at such an ungodly hour each weekday morning that it makes very little difference what season it is.

    I am definately voting for you on the DABWAHA front, and good luck for the battle ahead.

    A new grill sounds cool, I would love a nice grill, maybe for my birthday 🙂

    1. It’s an antiquated practice left over from one of the World Wars when they mucked around with the time clock in order to give farmers more daylight to do their thing. All I can assume is that said farmers were working other jobs and needed time after work to farm because otherwise, how did our changing the clock have any bearing on what they did as farmers?

  3. Thank you for saying what I’ve been feeling about daylight savings time. I bloody hate it. And I’m a homebody so the change doesn’t really do anything for me.

    Once again, super congrats on RED! Cheering you on the whole way 🙂

    Good luck with the grill hunting!

  4. Ok, I’m one of those annoying people who like daylight savings time. But I’m not getting up in the wee hours of the morning and running, either. I like it because I can go bicycling after work and not worry about it getting dark.

    I did the DABWAHA bracket thing and felt like I was betting on a football pool or something. LOL. It’s kind of fun, though. I SO hope you win this thing!

    Do you feel uncomfortable when you have to deal with the plagiarists? I’m glad I don’t have to deal with that kind of stuff!

    We bought a new grill last summer. With book money! 🙂

    1. Yeah Daylight Savings Time you don’t gain an hour if you measure your time by sleep. You lose an hour. Which sucks.

      Mostly I don’t have a problem dealing with them because I teach online and usually never have any face to face interaction with them. These formal hearings (they only do those for those who have second or third offenses) were kind of uncomfortable. Not because I was in any way uncertain of the outcome but just because you never know when somebody might turn out to be a crazy person, you know?

  5. I got my bracket done for DABWAHA (tons of random guessing) and am ready to vote, vote, vote. for you! 🙂

    Bummer about the plagiarists, but duh folks, stop cheating. And the type to then get mad at you or anyone else for their own doings have some growing up to do. I also feel the urge to get a ton of reading done and will plunge into that later tonight.

    1. One of them had the nerve to try to tell the board how I should have done my job. it was all I could do not to laugh my butt off when they all jumped in explaining that I had done exactly what I was supposed to do.

      Yeah I had to do a lot of random guessing too because there’s a BUNCH of stuff nominated that I have never heard of because they aren’t genres I read.

  6. As the old Indian said, only the government can cut a foot off the top of a blanket, sew it onto the other end, and claim that they’ve made the blanket longer. Daylight Saving Time made sense when it ran from the last Sunday in April to the last Sunday in October, because the sun didn’t wake people up at 5 AM. The longer it’s gotten, the more I think they should just set the clocks ahead one hour and be done with it. This twice-yearly tampering with my circadian rhythms is for the birds.

  7. I HATE the time change too! It’s the one time of year I wished I lived in Arizona. Pick one and be done with it, I say. I stay tired from the time we “spring forward” to the time we “fall back”. ugh.

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