Back From The Dead and FREE BOOKS

I’m surfacing from a serious Hell Week at the Evil Day Job in the wake of getting a grant out the door and trying desperately to catch up on all the OTHER stuff that had to slide in order to actually do that.  My to do list makes me tired just looking at it (so, […]

Free Mirus Short Story: Whisper of Shadow

So I’ve got a (sort of) new Mirus short story that’s rolling out THIS WEEK.  Whisper of Shadow originally appeared in the Magical Mayhem anthology last year, but I’m pretty sure most folks missed it.  I just got my cover art back from the fabulous Robin Ludwig, and it’s already been uploaded everywhere. What Emily wants […]

Paranormal Bunnies

Rolling, rolling, rolling…keep that word count rolling… Had a good writing day yesterday, at the end of which I got bunnied.  Bad. See, Riven deals with a whole new cast of characters in the Mirus world.  I wanted to play with new folks, new locations and explore some other aspects of the world without being hindered […]

Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Check-In

For not having written in a week as of the last check-in, I pulled out some words since then.  3185 to be precise.  Some of it has involved rewriting, plugging in a new scene, moving some conversations around, putting in new ones.  Which has led to the necessity of rewriting a little bit more.  But […]

Thinking About Series

I did not get eaten by zombies this morning, nor did I have to drop any supplies as distraction.  I even shaved 35 seconds a mile off my time from Monday (down to 12:39 from 13:16–yeah I know, it’s slow…but I’m improving!).  Now if I can just get my hamstrings back in place of these […]

The Next Big Thing: Riven

Apparently this is my 2,000th post. I have actually already been tagged once for this meme and talked about my current project Daughter of the Hunt, so when the darling Claire Legrand tagged me again, I thought it might be a good opportunity to tell you about the OTHER project that has been in the pipeline. […]

What Do Fans Want From Mirus?

I’ve been thinking about my Mirus series lately.  Part of this is I just started listening to the latest Black Dagger Brotherhood novel in audio and that’s the series that got me back into the paranormal in the first place.  But I’ve been interested to note over the last year or so–about 75% of my newsletter sign […]

Sunday Summary

Let me preface this post by saying that Daylight Savings Time is an invention of the devil.  I hate, loathe, despise and otherwise want to stab it to a bloody death with a titanium spork.  All you people who are like “but now it’s not dark when I get off work!” can suck it!  I […]

Nothing Is Set In Stone

Over the weekend, Susan, Lauralynn, and I got into a discussion about this notion that if you put it down on paper, you can’t change it.  I think this fear frequently applies to pantsers–the idea that if you outline something, then you can’t deviate from it.  I know I felt that way as a pantser […]

Paperback Is Finally HERE!

So a handful of you have been waiting a LOOOOOOONG time for my Mirus work to be out in paperback.  A few of you slogged through the serial version of Forsaken By Shadow here on the blog.  Some have been reading from your computers or on your phones.  But at long last, you have the […]