What Do Fans Want From Mirus?

I’ve been thinking about my Mirus series lately.  Part of this is I just started listening to the latest Black Dagger Brotherhood novel in audio and that’s the series that got me back into the paranormal in the first place.  But I’ve been interested to note over the last year or so–about 75% of my newsletter sign ups come from readers of my Mirus series.  Given I haven’t released anything in that series (other than the omnibus of everything) since March of last year, I find this interesting.  The series is still finding new readers.  Which is awesome.  It hasn’t dropped off into total obscurity.

My boatload of excuses and issues aside, there’s really never been a question that I intend to come back to this series.  It’s where I started with publishing. It’s what I built my fanbase on.  And that makes me wonder what fans want out of this series?  So that’s my question to all of you:

As a Mirus series fan, what do you want?

Please note, Revelation” and “more books in general” are not the answers I’m looking for. I already know both of those things and hear that on a regular basis.  Noted and not forgotten.

But what are you looking for?  Are there other races you’re curious about?  Other characters (besides Isla and Ransom, and Sophie and Mick) you want to hear more about? Other aspects of the world you’d like to see?

Part of my coming back to this series is going to involve me mentally breaking free of the limitations and expectations my brain created on its own, so hearing what YOU want might be just the thing to snap my brain into gear again.  You never know what new ideas you might spark.

So lay it on me readers!  What do you want to see from this series?

3 thoughts on “What Do Fans Want From Mirus?

  1. Well, I love lists and organization [g] So I’d love to see the inner workings and the history – how it all got started, who were the pioneers of Mirus-human relations, that sort of thing.

  2. Personally I’d like to see that all out war you started with in Blindsight. I got back into learning how to draw, because I want to draw that someday :). This doesn’t mean you can’t have the romance. Star Wars – Han & Leia worked & we didn’t expect it. Heck, the romance is the key component of The Hunger Games and the violence in those books makes Dark Knight Rises look like a romantic comedy.

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