Paranormal Bunnies

Rolling, rolling, rolling…keep that word count rolling…

Had a good writing day yesterday, at the end of which I got bunnied.  Bad.

See, Riven deals with a whole new cast of characters in the Mirus world.  I wanted to play with new folks, new locations and explore some other aspects of the world without being hindered by what I set up down in New Orleans.  I already had one character early on in the book that I knew was going to be a heroine of her own book at some point.

Last night I got hit with two more heroes.  All from one scene.  It’s one of those illustrate-the-world kinds of scenes–like Olaf’s shop in Devil’s Eye.  And it’s peopled with all kinds of fun new folks.  One of them spoke up and immediately started telling me about the enemy woman left for dead that he just has to save (he’s a medic).  Thanks Thane.  I really had time for that.   And Quinn is what now?  What do you mean mortal enemies?  And don’t even get me started on Diego, my tattoo artist warlock…

I made them no promises, just wrote down what they told me.   MAYBE they’ll end up short novels like Riven.  Maybe something shorter.  Or longer.  Who the hell knows.  But it’s nice to be talked to again.

One thought on “Paranormal Bunnies

  1. Definitely nice to be talked to!! I know they’re inconvenient, but at least they happen <3

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