Paranormal Bunnies

Rolling, rolling, rolling…keep that word count rolling… Had a good writing day yesterday, at the end of which I got bunnied.  Bad. See, Riven deals with a whole new cast of characters in the Mirus world.  I wanted to play with new folks, new locations and explore some other aspects of the world without being hindered […]

Music and Books and Plotting, Oh My!

It’s a rainy Friday and I’m in a surprisingly good mood.  I finished burning my 2,000 calories for the week.  The scale wasn’t up, despite some dietary indiscretions.  And tomorrow, tomorrow is SATURDAY and I can SLEEP IN. I’m on a Stephen Warbeck kick this morning on Spotify.  He writes such marvelously moody scores.  My […]

Back, Plot Bunnies! Back!

So my nice quiet, docile steampunk plot bunnies totally turned rabid yesterday.  Gnawing on my legs, my arms, digging steel claws (they’re steampunk plot bunnies, remember?) into my brain.  I barely escaped, I tell you! One of the things I keep track of along with my word count and productivity is the number of days […]

Beware The Plot Bunnies

It’s so cute isn’t it?  All long ears and soft, soft fur.  You just wanna pick it up and love it and hug it and make it your own, right? DON’T TOUCH IT! That’s its lure!  They’re evil, EVIL I tell you! Plot bunnies! Beware.  These deceptively adorable creatures can mean death and disease for […]