Music and Books and Plotting, Oh My!

It’s a rainy Friday and I’m in a surprisingly good mood.  I finished burning my 2,000 calories for the week.  The scale wasn’t up, despite some dietary indiscretions.  And tomorrow, tomorrow is SATURDAY and I can SLEEP IN.

I’m on a Stephen Warbeck kick this morning on Spotify.  He writes such marvelously moody scores.  My current fave is Un Balcone Sur La Mer.  Never heard of the movie, but lovely music.

My bout of reading ennui seems to have passed now that I got what I needed out of rereading part of the Born In trilogy (though I’m still listening to Born in Shame in audio and Murphy has just met Shannon–he’s bumfuzzled and it’s totally adorable).  In the mood for something a little sexy and food related, this morning during my workout I dove in to Louisa Edwards’ Too Hot To Touch, which is the start of her Rising Star Chef trilogy.  I’ve been meaning to try Louisa’s books for AGES but only just got around to it.  Oh, this is gonna be fuuuuuuuuun.  😀  Nothing sexier than a man who knows his way around a kitchen.

I’ve got a chef heroine in one of my many plot bunnies and this prompted me to get to thinking about HER and her backstory.  So I got some really great notes on that first thing. The story itself isn’t anywhere near ready to be written, but it’s nice to get insights and have things keep simmering in the back of my brain.

We’ve got a grant that’s going out the door today at work and now that some of my brain is getting freed up, I’m looking back at the three primary plot bunnies that I’m blueprinting right now.  One will be very character arc driven, and that’s something I’m still working on.  Not my strength.  I think of character arc as the calculus of the writing world (not that it really has anything to do with math, but because it’s something I don’t intuitively understand).  So that ones getting moved down the totem pole of importance.  The other two are very solid action-adventure romance, which IS my strong suit.  Obviously the characters HAVE arc, but it’s not the central focus.  I’m excited to get back to this kind of story.

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