Gifts From The Universe

So if you spend any time hanging around with Susan, you know that she talks a lot about the Universe and how we should listen to it.  Whether you’re into God or karma or kismet or fate or whatever the heck, it doesn’t seem you can get away from the fact that there is some order to the Universe and stuff just sometimes seems to happen for a reason.  Even if that reason is not readily apparent until after the fact (which the logical, rational side of myself says is just interpretation bias, but we’re gonna go with it).

Lately absolutely NOTHING I have picked up to read fictionwise has satisfied me.  It’s like when you’re hungry but you don’t know for what, and nothing tastes quite right.  I’ve picked up and put down at least ten books in the last three weeks.  Several in audio.  Several in e.  I keep getting pulled back (in audio anyway) to la Nora’s Born In trilogy.  I nabbed Born In Ice from Audible ages ago because it’s one of my all time favorite Noras (I really heart Grayson) and I’ve been sort of nibbling away at it between other books whenever I was somewhere I didn’t have my Zune or when the Zune was out of charge.  I finished it the other day and went on to Born in Shame because Murphy is probably one of my OTHER favorite Nora heroes.  I’ll go back and pick up Rogan later.

Anyway, so one of the things I love about this trilogy is the whole messy, complicated family thing.  This is something that Nora does so well, IMO, and is one of the things I so love about her work.  But anyway, this particular series involves a thread dealing with a half sister (who at the start of book 3 does not know that she isn’t an only child and isn’t the biological child of her daddy) meeting and coming to terms with this other side of the family she never knew existed.

I realized at midnight last night (literally woke up and had to take notes on my phone) that I have a similar issue with my current heroine.  It’s not the focus of the book, but she has younger half sibs she never knew about (due to reasons I won’t get into here)–this whole issue of family she never knew about, where she suddenly finds herself not alone (after a lifetime of being alone) and doesn’t quite know what to do about it.  And because it’s Mirus, there’s a lot of paranormal stuff wrapped up in this, and some issues for the hero and whatnot–but anyway, I don’t know that all of this would’ve crystallized and come clear for me if the Universe hadn’t been dragging me back to these books.  And I would’ve been beating my head against a wall trying to figure out what wasn’t gelling about Act 4.

Food for thought, next time I resist going back to reread something I’ve read (in some cases many times) before…

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