Good Friday #DaisyWatch

Well we went to see our girl yesterday afternoon, and if not for the wedding we have to shoot out of town on Saturday, we could have brought her home.  Drat!  But we are bringing her home on Sunday!  YAY!

We got tail wags when we came in yesterday, which was the most animated she’s been since last Friday, so that was exciting.  Had a long talk with the neurologist about what’s coming.  For the next week or so we’ll be focusing on doing her PT at home, emphasis on getting her able to stand for more than a few seconds at a time.  They’ve fitted her with a helper harness that has handles over her shoulders and back end to help us help her get up and stay up.  We’re about to go see her for visiting hours here in a few minutes, then it’s back home to clean for a showing at 11, then out to shop for supplies while that’s going on.

In a couple of weeks, she’ll be starting active PT, probably the underwater treadmill and some balance balls.  Have I mentioned how grateful I am that we have this super vet school here locally?  The staff has been AWESOME.

I ordered her a new crate this morning (since the one we have isn’t big enough…none of our dogs have USED it since they were puppies) and some of those nifty bowls that can be attached to the inside, as she’s gonna be a while before she can get up and go get her water at will.

So we are…relieved.  Grateful our baby is about to be home.  And of course, really going to be busy.  Despite my reputation for Doing All The Things, I actually do have my limits, so I’m putting my food blog, Pots and Plots, on hiatus for a while.  I already hadn’t posted in 3 weeks.  I’m hoping to get back to a limited posting schedule of one post a week in about a month.  My limited time DEFINITELY has to go to the writing.  I might even do something really astounding and find something to DELEGATE.  But let’s not get crazy yet.

3 thoughts on “Good Friday #DaisyWatch

  1. So glad Daisy is doing so much better! I know you will be glad to get her home and she will probably recover quicker once she’s home as well. Familiar territory and all that you know.

    Delegating? You? Can you stand it? 😉

  2. That’s great about Daisy’s continuing progress. She’s going to be so happy to be home! And I know you’ll be glad to have her there.

    About delegating? What Anya said. 🙂

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