Sunday Summary and #DaisyWatch

  1. Daisy is home!!!!!!!  Most important detail first.  We went to pick her up this morning.  She’s got a new bed, a new stuffed duck, and lots of swanky soft food (as she’s not quite up to kibble yet.  She totally KNEW when we came to get her that it wasn’t a normal visit and she was going home.  She even barked at us.  That’s the most animated she’s been since it happened.  She’s on her new bed now having a snooze (coming home was very exciting).  She’s standing for longer periods of time (2-3 minutes with help as opposed to 1), and she’s got a bigger range of motion in her neck.  And clearly she’s dreaming of squirrels because her back legs–even the bad one–are kicking in her sleep.  So this is all really positive.
  2. We got home about 11:30 last night from the wedding we shot.  That was, hands down, the best organized wedding I’ve ever worked or been a part of.  And this bride and groom totally shot to the top of our favorites list, as they thought to include us in their sit down dinner reception (most of the time the hired help is not fed, nor do we expected to be–we’re working after all).  It ended up being a fun shoot, good crowd of people.  FRIGGING HUGE wedding party (18+ another 14 escorts).  And the bride’s family.  Holy moly.  There had to be 50 people up there.
  3. We’re looking forward to a quiet day at home with our girl.  Laundry, menu planning, and hopefully a nap between physical therapy routines.  Her sister is out at grandpa’s, so we’ll have to go get her later or have them drop her by.  Callie’s going to be beside herself happy to have Daisy home.  She’s been so confused all week.  Waggly because she could smell Daisy on us after our visits, but not understanding why she wasn’t with us.   I just want to guzzle a gallon of water to rehydrate and flush out from yesterday.

7 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and #DaisyWatch

  1. Yay! You’re baby’s home! What a relief that has to be. I’m sure Callie will be happy to see her. 🙂

    That was really nice of the couple to include you in the dinner.

    I hope you’re having a wonderful, relaxing day!

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