Looking For Routine

Before I forget, I’m over at J. L. Bryan’s blog today talking about the Big Bad Wolf.

So I was mostly offline this weekend.  This was because I was conquering the garage (in which I can now park), putting together my new weight bench, pulling more stuff out of storage and putting it away, and starting to hang more pictures and putting out some accessories.  My mom came down to help with the latter, as she is very gifted at such things (which sometimes sucks, as when she suggested we move the fully loaded china cabinet–ugh, sometimes I hate when she’s right).  She brought pot roast and stuffed potatoes (MMMM).  We also helped out the in-laws in prepping for a party.  Hubby got his man cave sorted.  There’s still stuff to do, but enough has been accomplished that I feel I can start getting back to a routine.  Operation G.I.T. has been too long lapsed.

I started on that this morning, unearthing my EA Sports Active: More Exercises game and using my new gym for the first time.  I’ve got a nice boxing routine set up on that game that uses some slightly different moves and muscles as my Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout.  As I get back into fitness, I feel like it’s really important that I start changing things up some more so my body doesn’t stagnate.  It’s about more than just the number of calories burned.  I had just started on a round of hooping to finish up my workout when hubs came in to tell me I was going to have to take him to work, as his truck has a flat.  Really?  Neither of us has had a flat since 1998 and we each get one within A MONTH?  Ugh.  So I’m a little short on workout for the morning, but I’m still officially started back.  Not going anywhere near a scale until July.  I don’t want to know what kind of damage I’ve done since DFWCon.

I’m also officially starting back with my writing today.  Friday I outlined the short story I’m writing for a YA anthology.  Untouchable is kind of a mix between both my loves–YA and my Mirus series–about a Mirus teen who gets in over her head by breaking the primary rule: Don’t reveal the secret.  I scribbled a few lines on Friday (a meager 131 words) but I intend to really dive in and start writing today.  We’ll shoot for 500 words a day this week and see how it goes. It’s only a 7k story (at most), so I should be able to knock it out in 2 weeks at my minimum words.  But often short stories seem to take me longer than longer pieces, so we’ll see.  I’d like to be able to get better at writing short stories.  Just so that I could whip a few out during the year to keep readers interested while I’m working on longer stuff.  Hope springs eternal 😀


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  1. I thought the same way. I was back writing after a long hiatus (several years) and didn’t have a long work-in-progress to share with my writing buds and needed something to show, thus I’ve been writing short stories for the next couple of years while I put together a novel. And 131 words after the weeks you’ve had is doing great!

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