Sunday Summary

It’s a two cup morning, and as yet, I’ve only had one, so I’m not quite to the point of knowing what to talk about.

  1. This week I wrote through the midpoint of DOTH and am getting ready to dive into the second half of the book.  This part will take a bit more research and thought in terms of the world and how I want to present it.  I’ve got a new book on the way to do a bit more research.  I haven’t done any writing this weekend as my mom is in town.
  2. We went down to Jackson yesterday on a pilgrimage to the new Homegoods store.  We’ve been hearing about this store for years and had heard it described as an affordable, decorative Mecca.  I have to say, we were really underwhelmed.  I got a few things I needed, but I just didn’t see a bunch of stuff I couldn’t live without.  It was like the housewares section of TJ Maxx, just bigger.  Which makes sense, I guess, as they are all the same company.
  3. I finished reading Soulless, the first book in Gail Carriger’s Parasol Protectorate series, which I LOVED.  It was a marvelous mix of Victorian humor, steampunk, and the paranormal.  Alexia is a great heroine and Lord Maccon, yeah he’s a great and hilarious match for Alexia.
  4. Today we’re emptying THE LAST CRAP FROM STORAGE.  I’m very relieved to be doing this.  It means we will have EVERYTHING HERE except for the sofa that’s at my in laws.  We need to do some more organization of the garage, but I really want to go see Brave this afternoon, so I’m not sure what we’ll get done.
  5. I need to do some work on prepping for Round 3 of ROW80, which starts a week from tomorrow.  Have some new sponsors whose bios I’ve got to organize, etc.  But I’ll get going on that tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Summary

  1. I’ve got Soulless on my TBR pile… I might move it up a notch. And BRAVE was everything it’s cracked up to be. Definitely more important than organizing a garage.

    Looking forward to Round 3!

  2. It’s a shame when a store is built up to be great, and you’re looking forward to it, then it’s disappointing. 🙁 But the house is coming together, and all your stuff will be there, so that’s a good thing. I remember the excitement of moving to a bigger place and getting everything put in place, plus buying some new things, too.

    My sponsor bio is SO out of date. LOL

  3. Congrats on the progress! Hey, I even started writing my guest post for the next ROW80 round. (I think that draft was my way of avoiding writing a stupid synopsis. ;))

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