Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. Well, the baby shower went okay.  It was more a flavor of awkward cocktail party where we knew the couple it was for, had met one other couple like 4 years ago, and knew no one else, instead of awkward baby shower where they play all those stupid games.  Then we, and our other couple friends we’d gone down there with, came home and had baked ziti and some good foodie and movie conversation, so all in all, not a bad afternoon and evening beyond just not having gotten some things done that I’d usually do on Saturday.
  2. So, of course, lots to do to play catch up today.  I really must make it through Mount Washmore.  It’s my menu planning day, Pots and Plots post prep day, and batch cooking day.  My mom is coming.  Hubs has to mow.    And I still need to get my words in.  I know there are other things, but I haven’t finished caffeinating yet and that’s all I can remember.
  3. The writing went…better this week.    I wrote 6 days out of 7.  Not always a lot, and not even necessarily my minimum (500 words), but I wrote SOMETHING on the majority of days.  Last Sunday: 509, Monday, 551, Tuesday: 400, Wednesday, 70, Thursday: 206, Friday: 0, Saturday: 722.  Family was still in town this week, so I had unusual obligations several nights.  And more of the nightmare project to interrupt.  So I’m pretty happy with the continuity.  Getting back into a daily groove is a high priority for me right now, however many words that means.
  4. I am ALMOST done with the midpoint sequence.  It feels like I’ve been saying this for weeks, but the sequence spans 3 scenes, long ones, and given the low word counts…yeah I probably have been saying that for weeks.  But I literally have maybe 100 more words to write in it, then I can move on.  Of course moving on involves some of that world building I really need to do, so I don’t expect to pick up any steam for a bit.  But that’s okay.  My mascot this year is the tortoise.  Slow and steady and with a really frigging hard armor shell.
  5. After a streak of contemporary romance novels in a row (8 I think), I think I’m ready to get back to some paranormal next.  I started the latest Black Dagger Brotherhood in audio (and again, I wonder, how a white chick from South Carolina got so immersed in gangsta speak), and I put several new to me paranormal authors on my hold list at the library–Lara Adrian, Elisabeth Naughton, and Thea Harrison.  All ladies I’ve heard of but hadn’t gotten around to reading.  I’ve got one by Naughton out to start in a day or two when I finished the second Animal Magnetism book by Jill Shalvis.  I do find that I’m really firmly into reading adult stuff right now.  After a two year steady diet of amazing YA, it’s a nice change.  I’ve still got a pile of more amazing YA, and I’ll get to it but after writing YA for 2 years, I think switching my reading diet over to adult will help prepare me to go back to writing adults for the next project.
  6. Operation Unplug has been going pretty well.  Now that I no longer have a mail notifier in my chat program, I’ve actually really cut back on how often I check it.  I’m not sure how much time it’s saving me, and I don’t know how to quantify that idea of it not distracting me from tasks, but I feel like it’s a good thing not to have that immediate crack addict knee jerk response to “You’ve Got Mail!”  And now I totally want to go watch the movie…
  7. I kicked Operation G.I.T. into high gear this week.  I recently got As Time Goes By on DVD (the whole series).  OMG, I FRIGGING LOVE THIS SHOW.  I watched most of it on PBS years ago, and have been waiting for the box set to go on sale.  I caught it at $53 last week and snapped it up (regular $160).  Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer are fabulous.  Anyway, each episode is 27 minutes, which is just perfect for a lunchtime workout.  Either HIIT on the recumbent bike or weighted hula hooping.  I sorted out that 4 days of lunch workouts over the course of a month, should carve off an extra pound.  Plus, it gives me a daily belly laugh, which everybody needs.  I also got started on my Super Circuit training with weights.  I completed Week 6 of C25K last week and it’s time for Week 7, which is continuous running for like 25 minutes.  Except it’s mid-August in Mississippi.  I’m opting to switch over to doing some interval training of my own design until later in September when it starts cooling down.    We’ll see how all these changes work for me come September if the scale has budged.  :fingers crossed:

5 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. If you like As Time Goes By, you may also like “Waiting for God” and “To the Manor Born.” Both make me laugh a lot.


  2. As Time Goes By is a great series! I also loved “Red Dwarf” (totally different, but stilll British), “‘Allo, Allo” and “Keeping Up Appearences.” Apparently, I live in the wrong country, based on my TV viewing habits!

  3. I’ve been watching Star Trek when on the treadmill. LOL

    I’m still listening to Daughter of Smoke and Bone, but I’m actually reading a contemporary romance. I’m been itching for some murder mysteries lately. I get tired of reading one genre for too long.

    It sounds like your writing is picking up. I know it’s frustrating when other things keep you from writing, but maybe things will settle down to the point where writing will get even better. I can’t seem to get more than four days in a week, but my word counts have been good.

    I admire you for being able to unplug. I just can’t. I’m not sure I want to. But I’m sure most people would be much more productive if they stayed off the internet for awhile.

  4. Hi Kait, my apologies for my slow catch up… I am still battling uphill health-wise hear.

    I love “As Time Goes By.” Make sure you buy the two Specials which are recorded after the series was ended. They are well and truly worth seeing as well. in Australia, we were bought up on British drama and British comedies. I adore them. Penelope Keith has always been a favourite too.

    I love operation unplug. I have been forced to do that over the last ten days and it’s done me good. Being unhitched from the “have to’s” can be a welcome energy revitaliser. I now have my computer set with Parallels on my Mac so I can run Windows – but it will not be connected to the Internet. That stops the viral issues etc but also means I can work in a creative environment and I cannot just check my email, Twitter etc.

    Kait, you’re still writing and moving forward. As frustrating as it must be that you’re not achieving as much as you’d like, you’re still moving! Be patient, enjoy the journey as much as you can and don’t forget to stop and smell the aroma of freshly opened ink cartridges… no, I mean flowers! Flowers! We need balance in our lives… 😉 Maybe as writers, we need to get out more?

    Cheers, Cate (ROW80)

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