Late Sunday Summary

  1. It’s been a super productive day, so seriously late post.  We finally tackled the garage today.  Got the ladders, golf clubs, all the yard tools, the saw horses, and the work lights up on the walls.  Rearranged the rest of the stuff.  There’s still more to do, and a pile of stuff to get rid of yet, including the spare sofa, but we still achieved A MIRACLE.  We fit my car in the garage.
  2. I also got the guest room prepped for painting.  Well, not fully prepped.  I haven’t got it taped off yet.  The garage took longer than I expected.  Isn’t that always the way?  Really, you have to add 2 to 3 hours to every home improvement project.  But everything’s cleared out, and the furniture’s pushed to the middle.  That’s tomorrow’s project.  Painting the walls and, if I’m lucky, the new closet doors.  I’d love to get those installed this week.  It’s going to make SUCH a difference not having to make room for a pair of 36″ doors to open into the room.
  3. I finished out August right around 12500 words.  That’s not quite double what I managed in July, not quite the level I managed in June.  I had set a new goal to write 20 words out of every 30.  In August I wrote on 22.  I’m quite happy with that.  I’m thinking this is a goal I can live with.  It’s a realistic level of productivity, taking into account that some days you just can’t write.  I averaged 568 words a day.  Next month I’m shooting to average 600+ .
  4. DOTH is going well, and the boggy middle is taking shape, the world starting to clarify in my head.  I lack about 39k, so at my current rate of productivity, I should be finishing up around the end of November.  Which will mean that the book took nearly a year.  BUT, looking at my ACTUAL number of days writing through now and estimating how many days I’ll have over the next three months, it will be 6 months of ACTUAL writing.  That’s not nearly so bad.  Going forward, it’ll be more important to have less non-writing time during the year.  I feel like a broken record saying that.  But barring another Project From Hell at Evil Day Job, another family health disaster, and taking into account we won’t be trying to sell a house or MOVE next year, it seems considerably more doable.

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