Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. We got to have a fire last night!  It was actually cold enough to turn on our gas logs for a little while.  This was not actually hubby’s plan.  I was away all day yesterday at my mom’s (where I hung FIVE SETS OF CURTAINS–and my mom doesn’t do these cheap, thin, easy to hang with the clippy things curtains.  Oh no, she has GORGEOUS lined, custom made numbers with silk that weigh like 20 pounds.  They look amazing.) and came home to find that hubs had taken it upon himself to make steaks and roasted potatoes and pop open a bottle of wine.  It was lovely.  I didn’t have to cook, the steak was good, and we still had pie from the lemon pie I made the other night.  He’d intended to get the fire pit set up in the back yard and have an outside fire (a real one with actual wood), but it decided to rain instead.  Still, the gas logs in the living room were nice, and you can’t beat the simplicity of flipping a switch.  Literally.  It’s like a light switch.  Easy peasy.  Daisy thought that was AWESOME (she’s a little pyro dog and is obsessed with fire, so she really enjoyed watching the flames).
  2. I’ve got loads of cooking to do today.  It’s going to be one of those days when I spend large chunks of it in the kitchen.  I’m finally attempting gluten free Chinese dumplings for dinner, and that’s a massive undertaking even under non gluten free circumstances.  Once hubs is up, I’ll open all the blinds and turn on some music and go to town.  I’ve also got to portion out all the stuff I bought at Sam’s yesterday into individual meal size freezer bags (which I’ve got to go buy, as I seem to be totally out).
  3. I’ve got several pictures to hang today too, and we’re finally going to hang the stinking new closet doors.  And put on the new sweep on the bottom of the back door (we were waiting until it was cool so we didn’t air condition the neighborhood).  I’m in a GET STUFF DONE MODE.
  4. I got 3242 words written this week.  Most of that was at the start of the week and was being written around obsessive compulsive reading of one of my CPs’ latest.  I didn’t write yesterday because I was at Mom’s and didn’t write Thursday because I just flat felt lousy.  Most of that was on DOTH.  Friday was a chunk on Riven.  I’m fine with that.  I DID happen to have MAJOR EPIC PLOTTY THOUGHTS about the remainder of my DOTH trilogy wherein a bunch of key details about, you know, what actually happens in the rest of it finally came clear.  THAT was very exciting.
  5. I got to run twice this week.  My times were slower than before I had my little break because of my neck, but I still did it and it’s getting easier in the sense that I’m not having to wheeze and gasp.  I’m breathing nice and steady.  If I get really motivated this week, I might try to run that big hill that’s my only real walk break in the 3 mile stretch.
  6. I finished reading Larissa Ione’s Eternal Rider on the ride home yesterday (been listening to it in audio).  I kept getting jerked around by this book emotionally.  There were some things about the hero that annoyed me, and yet I kept coming back needing to know what happened.  I cried for a hell hound and could not for the life of me see how she was going to fix things.  And then she did (of course–it’s romance) and it was a marvelous surprise (the solutions often aren’t, so I appreciate an author who can sneak one in on me).  My biggest beef was actually with the narrator, not the book itself.  The audio did not seem to be consistently controlled for volume and her voice would get very very soft so that I’d have to turn it up to hear it and then it was too loud and…yeah that just got annoying.  I think it was the narrator’s particular style, wherein she used volume to indicate a level of emotion and I’m sure that’s fine in person, but doesn’t work over speakers.  Anyway, the book itself was enjoyable.  I’ll have to troll through the library to see what I want to listen to next, as I don’t have a credit coming up at audible for another couple weeks.
  7. I’m also between ebooks at the moment.  I’ve partially started a bunch of stuff–Victoria Dahl’s Good Girls Don’t, Jill Shalvis’ Instant Attraction, Brenna Yavanoff’s The Space Between, and a few others I don’t remember.  None of them are bad, just not what I’ve been in the mood for, so I’m trying to decide what to start next on it too.  It’s not like I’ve got a shortage in my TBR pile already on my computer.  Though I might go ahead and pick up Meljean Brook’s latest Iron Seas book Riveted, because I’ve got a yet for steampunk…

5 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. Nice work on the word count, Kait! And it is such an awesome feeling when plot pieces fall into place.
    Cooking projects…yes. That would be good. Unfortunately, in my case that means shopping projects, and I’m not so keen on that this morning. It’s chilly out there.
    Good luck this week!

  2. Hey, I got to recommend RED to a lovely teenage girl this week! I told her the concept, and she said, “That’s sound so interesting,” then told her friend about it too. Best wishes plugging along on your current WIPs! Write when you can, what you can, and know that it will all come out in the end. Have a marvelous ROW80!

    1. Ooo, how exciting! So many of my fans are adults (which is, of course, awesome), but I sometimes wonder if the teens the book is theoretically aimed at ever see it! Thank you for recommending it!

  3. Wow, a fire! We keep wanting to break out our fire pit, but things keep happening. 🙁

    You’ve been really busy and sound excited about it. Maybe it’s the cooler weather. I know how you hate the hot weather. 🙂

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