Midweek #ROW80 Update

Well I just got my dishwasher unclogged, so everything else about today should be awesome.  Seriously, you just can’t even imagine how awful it is having a non-functional dishwasher, y’all.  In the last house ours flat died and there was this funky pipe running in behind it that couldn’t be moved, and it took us a YEAR to find one that would fit.  A YEAR.  I am a foodie.  I cook 3 real meals a day.  You just can’t understand how many dishes I dirty in a day.  This was, thankfully, just some glop (oatmeal I think) clogging up the hose.

PSA: Remember to rinse your dishes, y’all.

So NaNo begins TOMORROW.  I have a scene and a half to go until I get done with Act 3, so I’m planning to try and blast through that today so that I am FREE AND CLEAR to finish Act 4 during November.  I clocked 1412 on Sunday, 1688 on Monday, and 1345  yesterday.  All quite respectable word counts and well above the norm for me.  I need nearly 3k today…

It could happen!  Either way, it looks like I’m going to break my record for most words in a month again.

It might take less than 3k if I keep moving forward with bracketed stuff.  One of the things I’ve really struggled with in the second half of this book is the world building.  I don’t have it clear in my head what they’re seeing of the world itself, so I’ve got brackets hither and yon of stuff I need to fill in.  I just haven’t been willing to stop and figure it out and lose my momentum on the actual action.  I figure I can do some mapping of Otherworld after the draft is finished when that’s ALL I’m thinking about–then I can go back and layer in those details to enrich the scenes.

I’m just so excited about getting this draft finished!  Once it’s done, I’ll do a read through, clean up what’s fast and easy to clean up, then send it on to my betas.

It’s Halloween today.  I don’t actually expect to have any trick or treaters.  It’s the middle of the week, a church night for a lot of folks, and we don’t live in a neighborhood people just drive through.  I’ve got my bucket o’ candy that I won at the costume contest in the event of any unexpected ones.  The whole thing is kind of lame.  I remember Trick or Treating being SO MUCH FUN when I was a kid, and it seems like people just don’t do it anymore.  They take their kids to indoor bazaars or downtown or to some very self contained kind of thing.  Which I get is a lot safer, it just makes me sad that we live in a world where we HAVE to do that now.

5 thoughts on “Midweek #ROW80 Update

  1. My mom always said I wash my dishes before I wash my dishes. So I guess that’s why I have no clogs. LOL

    That’s great about breaking your word count record. You are definitely on a roll!

    I live way out in the country and have a long driveway. I’ve never had a Trick or Treater except a friend’s son. I, too, miss the whole Trick or Treat thing. And it’s true that it’s safer to go to those designated places. Just because there are some sick people in the world wanting to hurt or poison kids on Halloween. Grrrrr. There is one wealthy neighborhood here in town where they go all out with the Halloween decorations, some of them even have haunted houses. Most people feel safe letting their kids Trick or Treat there.

  2. Oh, I’ve done the year without the dishwasher before, and it’s hell! We cook real meals too, and all those dishes…. you have my sympathies.

    And I agree about Trick or Treating – it’s just not the same anymore :/ We used to get 300+ kids when I was growing up. Now we’re lucky to get 30. I’m not even giving out candy this year because it’s so cold I know almost no one will be out (we live in the south, it’s usually hovering around the 80s at Halloween, but tonight it’ll be in the 40s).

  3. You’ll make it: there is something about tasting the end that makes you accelerate and get there at the end. I’m doing a last read-through and formatting today to upload a novella as an ebook.

    Tomorrow I’m going to start an alternate to nano that Mei Lin Miranda has been pushing on Twitter: NaNoFiMo – National Novel Finishing Month. For those who have something they’re currently working on. (As I always am.)

  4. Oh, I live in a often-from-scratch home in which we have differing allergies, so I know what you mean about dishes. ^_^ My rice intolerance and Mom’s gluten intolerance (which might be celiac) can be tough enough, but then try adding the problems with egg, almond, tomato, pork, mushroom, and stevia—to start.

    Yeah, that gets fun.

    Have you tried using soap nuts? I recently started using soap nuts for dishes that need to be washed by hand. My hands hurt far less as a result. ^_^

    GL with NaNoWriMo! 😀

  5. Our dishwasher is new, but it doesn’t like eating the tabs, so the only thing it washes with it hot water! We have to start, open the door after a few minutes, then throw the tab in. Doh! We always rinse before we load up though… I can’t be dealing with shitty drains! Gross 🙁

    Go you, with all your words BEFORE November! I’ve just fired off my MS to my editor, and had to begin NaNo today, while planning for it! Not ideal, but I still got 2k in. Keep it up Kait! X

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