Mix It Up Monday: Cook’s Country Chicken Riggies

I got this recipe in my inbox from my Cook’s Country newsletter.  I liked the idea of it and have had it on my To Try list for quite a while.  This was delayed somewhat by my not being able to find cherry peppers (which I hadn’t even heard of).  Ultimately found some at Kroger and gave this a whirl.  I made a few substitutions–changing out the chicken breasts for chicken thighs, using roasted red peppers instead of raw red peppers, using gluten free pasta, and swapping fat free half and half for the cream.  The end result made a TON–I’d say 6 servings.

Hubs and I were both kind of meh on it.  Me because I discovered I do NOT like kalamata olives AT ALL.  Hubs…well sometimes I’m not sure what he doesn’t like about stuff.   Either way, it won’t be going on our rotation.  I did at least discover I like cherry peppers!

3 thoughts on “Mix It Up Monday: Cook’s Country Chicken Riggies

  1. Chicken riggies! They were ‘created’ here in Utica, NY (it’s what we’re kind of famous for. Like Buffalo, NY is for their buffalo wings, we’re known for riggies. We even have a Riggie-fest every year! 😀 ). Anyways, the recipe I use makes a smooth sauce except for the cherry peppers and a few jalapenos-I hate chunks of things in sauce (and no olives cause I don’t like those either!). We cook it on low all day in a crock pot (usually). If you want to try a different version of this recipe, I can send it to you!

      1. I made this one last night, and yes, it was definitely the olives that almost ruined the dish!

        Like you, I substituted the roasted red peppers for fresh red peppers, but otherwise followed the recipe as printed in the new Cooks Country cookbook.

        I would definitely make this again, as the sauce, mushrooms and chicken were delicious, but cut way back on the olives, if I add them at all.

        And yes, this recipe made a ton – I might also cut back to 1/2 lb rigatoni next time.

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