Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

So as I’m sitting here being a total rebel and turning on my Charlie Brown Christmas Pandora station a whole two weeks and change early, my brain is cogitating on Serious Plot Details.

I finished my read through of DOTH on Sunday, implemented all the easy edits that day, all the bigger ones on Monday to correct some of the logic problems I’d been having as well as more fully incorporating that secondary character I kept forgetting about.  And then I got up to my current scene yesterday and just stalled out.  Courtesy of a comment from Mhairi yesterday, I sorted out where I’d gone WRONG (amazing how things are obvious when OTHER people point them out), and started slowly slogging forward to correct it.

Then I went to book club (a friend talked me into it–it’s less about books [a good thing as I hadn’t actually read the one for this meeting] and more an excuse for these women to get loose from husbands and kids for some girl time.  Nice folks.  I already knew 3 of them and liked the other 2), where I ate WAY too much very good Thai food, then came home and had an epiphany about a plot hole (see, going to do something else for a while is GOOD).  In conjunction with that, I emailed my team o’ brainstormers to say “here is my sitch, help me figure out what goes here.”  They’ve emailed back all kinds of interesting stuff that’s helping me start to visualize my final battle and has given me all kinds of useful food for thought.

I’m not going to make my Thanksgiving deadline.  Which isn’t wholly a surprise and isn’t the end of the world.  I SHOULD still be able to make my end of November deadline though.  And that’s what you missed on…  You totally thought I was gonna say GLEE! didn’t you?

3 thoughts on “Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

  1. “And that’s what you missed on… You totally thought I was gonna say GLEE! didn’t you?”
    LMAO — best blog post ending EVER!

    One of my recent Happiness Project goals was to “Just show up”, & I had a few write-ins scheduled, as well as a scrapbooking session & a book club mtg. I haven’t gone to any of them. I can’t seem to WANT to make time to do these things. And then I wonder why I’m stalled out at less than 10K words? Thanks for the reminder that sometimes you just have to DO something ELSE, so that you can then in turn actually DO the thing you originally intended to complete. Taking a look at my calendar now to see what’s happening outside my house tonight… If nothing’s up, maybe I’ll just take my laptop to a bookstore & get some writing done that way. Thanks!

  2. Sounds like that last few days have been ones of breakthroughs. Good luck on hitting your Nov deadline. And thanks for mentioning the Charlie Brown album. I pulled it up on Spotify as I read this. I forgot how good it was.

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