Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. It’s been a slow week writing wise.  I haven’t even written since Thursday.  I ended January with 10,785 words, an average of 634 words on my writing days (of which there were 17).  Given everything that was going on last month, I am okay with that.  Still, my goal is to write 20 days out of every 30, so I did not make that goal.  I aspire to get that number up in February.
  2. I did get a fair chunk of work done on the replotting of DOTH.  I’m up to working my way through the dual romance threads (never done a triangle before), and after that I’ll get started on the Act by Act beat sheets.
  3. I am one scene away from the midpoint in Riven.  I’m on target for this one to come in right around 48k.  Pretty long for a novella, not quite a novel.  Hopefully more satisfying to Mirus readers who want something with a bit more meat.
  4. I’d like to set a goal over the next month to read some more PR/UF short stories and to work on creating my short story blueprint.  I picked up a couple on recommendation, and I remembered I have about 3 anthologies hanging out in my house that were gifts.  The Big Book of Paranormal Romance, Steampunk!, and Magical Mayhem (which I’m IN and am ashamed to admit I put on the shelf and promptly forgot about).  Once I have a handle on that, then I’ll think about what I might like to write in that department for my Mirus stuff.  I’d like to target some stories that around around 8-10k…long enough for something interesting to happen.
  5. We are in dire need of a major house clean.  The weather has warmed up (Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, ergo we are in for an early spring, which means it’ll probably be 80 by March here.  Blah.) and Callie is shedding like crazy in response.  MUST FURMINATE.  We’ll have to try to squeeze that in before the engagement shoot we’re doing this afternoon.
  6. I have hopes of the weather cooperating sufficiently that I actually get all three runs in this coming week.   I managed ONE last week, and it was ROUGH.  My zombie escape capabilities are not where I would have them be.
  7. I am HOPING that all the distracting mass drama at work will be over when I go back on Monday, but we’re kind of in a place where I think if it is, there’s something else that will rise up and take its place.  It definitely feels like a conspiracy to keep me from being all happy and content in my cave.  All of this has distracted from the completion of the project from hell, which I am DETERMINED to have wrapped up by the end of February so I don’t have to THINK about it anymore.
  8. Hubs and I went to see Hansel and Gretel last night.  I enjoyed it.  It wasn’t bad, wasn’t great.  Felt like The Brothers Grimm meets Van Helsing meets a lot more profanity and gore.  Not quite was I was expecting, but there were some nice fight scenes (clearly on wires) and a not wholly unexpected twist.
  9. This year is the 200th anniversary of the release of the Grimm Brother’s set of fairy tales.  Think about how much those stories have become a part of the zeitgeist.  It’s really pretty amazing.  There are reboots of those stories all over the place these days (my own Red among them)–a whole lot of backlash against the Disneyfication of very dark tales.

10 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. Not looking too shabby their Kait! And I totally get the FURMINATION issue. We have a GS and flippin-eck, I end up vacuuming him, as well as the house, all through the day, and still by night the house is covered. Wall to wall carpeting! Good luck next week. X

  2. Good progress in there! I haven’t been writing much, mostly editing. But I can’t even believe it’s already February. Where did January go? Have a terrific week!

  3. I was lucky to have heard the Grimm’s Fairy Tales before I saw the Disney versions. I also heard the version of “Cinderella” that featured the stepsisters cutting their feet to try and fit the glass slipper. And they wonder why we are the way we are…

    Great progress!

      1. Oh, yeah. By far, though, my favorite stories are the “Max und Moritz” stories from Wilhelm Busch, which aren’t fairy tales, but are creepy. I have a book with those stories and others that will give you nightmares. I still have my copy from the early sixties, and still pull it out and scare myself. It’s really cool…

  4. We furminated on the weekend… will be praying for your vacuum cleaner! They don’t take kindly to animal fur.

    Kait, while January has been disappointing, you’re moving ahead strongly. I hope the sagas settle and that February is a much smoother month for you.

    Best wishes.

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